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   	   Por fin tengo una CINTIQ!!!!CINTIQAt last I have a CINTIQ!! 
  posted by uri at 10:11 p. m.  

CINTIQ Por fin tengo una CINTIQ!!!!CINTIQAt last I have a CINTIQ!! posted by uri at 10:11 p. m. 3 comments

Gardening is a perfect hobby , a way to find relaxation and a wonderful way to improve air quality and even reduce our grocery bill. Everything seems to be advantages, but do you still still think you do not have enough space at home to have your own garden? .

The miniature gardens that we show below will make you think the question again, as not only decorate your home in an original and elegant way < / strong>, but also you will have what you have until now nor had you raised for lack of space. Thanks to these 26 ideas, you can turn your home into an enchanted forest plagued with vegetation:

1. Garden in bottle corks

Remember, you are not drinking too much wine, you are planting a garden.

2. House for birds

Even our feathered friends deserve a green roof.

3. Thimbles

Who would have thought that a plant could be grown in a thimble? Bonsai in miniature

Collages format boxes
It seems inconceivable that this is real, cultural, ancient and contemporary at the same time, but it exists. They are sophisticated, elegant, cultured, passionate, beautiful, but fully trained to serve man.

They have placed a coin on the side so you can see the size it has. They even have a frog to decorate!.

5. Pitchers, salt shakers, any bowl will do!

To give your kitchen some flavor.

6. Tea garden

A perfect way to reuse cracked china.

7. Egg shells

Egg shells are the starter of the original biodegradable seeds.

8. Pendants with plants

Take the nature around your neck.

9. Ceiling Plants

If you have space on the floor, how about the ceiling?

10. Pocket Watches

An original way to bring your own garden to any place.

11. Fairy Garden

With the right materials, you can create little gems like these to decorate any room in the house.

13. Garden of Sound

Manufactured with environmentally friendly plastic, these JVC speakers have a space for a small garden.

14. Stone garden

Something like this would look great as a centerpiece of our garden.

15. Metal box

Any box of metal candy could be used to have a small garden anywhere in our house.

16. Plants in toy animals

Would be great for the children's room.

17. Moss garden

The simplest garden of all.

18. Gardens in a Book

Ancient books could serve, in their second life, as great pots.

19. Terrarium magnet

Thanks to this it is possible to have a touch of greenery in our appliances.

20. Snail shells

Shells of snails could serve as flowerpots.


A brilliant idea!.

22. A garden in your nails

Obviously this garden is not alive, but surely you could give a new meaning to the traditional manicure.

23. Bones

What better way to cover the potholes of your house, than with a beautiful plant?

24. Chest of drawers

This metal organizer is the perfect way to combine green areas and vintage decor.

25. Bottles of growth

This innovative company converts old bottles of wine into miniature hydroponic farming systems.

26. Garden in glass of water

Interesting fact: the fish helps to fertilize the plant, and the plant keeps the water clean for the fish.