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Esteemed room-foggers,

The title neatly sums up my inquiry. I am planning my first grow room, I would be happy to produce between 20-40 grams of green (vanilla kush / tangerine dream) per month. I have not yet made any purchases; everything is in the planning stage. I will probably have a separate room to maintain two bonzai mothers.

Due to space constraints, I am looking at the Secret Garden DR60. I am quite determined to make my own LED setup using Cree CXA cobs, I know HPS is cheaper and all that, but I am really keen getting my hands dirty and learning some electrical basics, so building my own lights is a big enjoyment factor here .

My main question for you is fine smoke-dispensers is; how much Cree CXA light should I aim to squeeze into this small tent? Is 5x CXA3070 overkill? I'm thinking I need about 5 units to get a good balance of light temperatures; what wattage should I aim for within this particular tent?


Lets talk temperature. The tent would be in an 18C climate (standard indoor temp, right?), It might get as high as 23-25C in the summer. Ideally, I would like the cobs and their drivers to create the optimal kush temps on their own without additional heating. Whether or not I place the LED drivers inside, or outside the tent will obviously have a big impact on this, so I'm thinking (as I'm writing) that portable drivers that can be removed from the tent during the summer would be pretty dandy.

In terms of cooling, I could go active or passive. I would have 170cm of height to work with in this particular tent. Active cooling grants me more light, at the cost of height and wattage for fans. Passive cooling does the opposite. The real question here is, if given the small size of my tent, more light is worth the cost of workshop heatsinks and fan power?

TL; DR: I have 4sqft tent, want build DIY LED - how much light not silly and maintain nice tempz?

Thanks in advance <3

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