There is an orange flavor in my throat

and strawberries in my tongue

my hands dribble for a while

I will be what you want

I had a "before I met you"

> and I had no desire for you I remember I used

And I dreamed of my prince

All my words blessed them and my thoughts were free from sin and your voice was a torrent of incitement / p>

Convergent Woman: From the Worldly to the Spiritual
In the "physical world " (allow me expression) / b> delimit stays, they constitute barriers by overcome ... With just waking, the first "threshold" you cross is precisely the door of your room .

My heart and heart I drank them, soaking the soul

as sponge with your verses

In this time when my feelings

I have removed the mirrors from my house to not see refl

And I'm kissing the silence

In the attic I've saved your caresses


Just like you and me

we have experienced,

I know that one day you will give them freedom

to all your feelings imprisoned

and the loom that is rusted

will work again day by day the curly lace