30 tattoo designs of swallows for men and women | Tattoo Ideas

30 tattoo designs of swallows for men and women | Tattoo Ideas

30 tattoo designs of swallows for men and women | Tattoo Ideas

A classic as well as current design is that of the swallow. That is how, today, there are still many who opt for this beautiful bird for a tattoo. You want to know why? Swallows, as well as being a beautiful motif, embody many meanings.

Meaning of swallow tattoos

First of all, they belong to the tattoo world for a long time. If at the moment of imagining a swallow you only think about the beautiful, graceful and feminine of this bird, you will be very surprised to know that the first to mark the skin with her were the sailors.

Animals of migratory behavior , the swallows, were responsible for marking the navigators their proximity to the land, so many of these men carried them as a symbol of good return home, hope and good luck. In turn, it was believed that the swallows were the ones in charge of guiding the soul towards the sky if the sailors something happened to them in high seas.

Eared Dove
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As every motif or design of bird represents with much intensity the idea of freedom, hence we will find many performances where they show with open wings or singing happily. Far from being left in a traditional tattoo and old-fashioned, these concepts are re-signified continuously. This is how we found these types of motives in travelers or people who have embarked on an adventure and were victorious.

Pictures of swallows tattoos for women

On the other hand, these nice birds are symbols of eternal love. The romantic and tender swallows, once they get a couple do not separate from her and are super famous for always being united. Taking this idea of ​​love, dedication and trust many people use designs that consist of two swallows, usually located asymmetrically in the body and faced.

As much as we can associate it with the feminine, both men and women have them in their minds when it comes to thinking about a tattoo. We can find them both in a realistic style and traditional being the latter the most seen. What is more abundant are full color tattoos and, as we said, many choose to tattoo a couple.

Do you feel a free soul? Are you going around the world according to the seasons? If you answer yes and you also have a great family sense, the swallow is the animal you were looking for to tattoo yourself!

Swallow Tattoo Pictures for Men

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