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I have always thought that there is nothing more grandiose than a woman who knows how to enjoy her femininity and who knows how to take advantage of her qualities, so I am struck by the perfume Eros Femme de Versace : Since I saw her bottle I knew what kind of woman we were talking about: powerful and sensual. The bottle is completely golden and truly looks like the trophy of a Goddess.

It seems that today we live in a world where the most important thing is to be equal to man and I do not completely agree. It is true that we deserve the same respect and the same rights but we as women should not stop losing that feminine power that characterizes us. Look at the women I most admire are all sensual, self-confident and know how to transmit that passion and desire effortlessly.

Working on feeling better as a woman can be as simple as starting a perfume that makes you feel a whole Goddess, that's why I like Eros Femme de Versace : the time; has touches of lemon, bergamot and jasmine accented with woody notes: sandalwood, musk and ambroxan. Putting on a fragrance that makes you feel more attractive immediately makes this security reflect with your partner or others because you like yourself more.

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Other things you can do to feel like a Goddess are:

● Enjoy the golden color - not for nothing in Greek mythology the Goddesses were always related to the golden color. The golden color represents the power, the magic and the feminine sensuality. You can use this color on your clothes and accessories, it is even good to have this tone in some things in your home as a reminder of how much you are worth.

● Accent your curves with your clothes - Feeling good as a woman has a lot to do with the way you relate to your own body. What are you wearing? Do you wear lingerie that makes you feel more attractive? How are your pajamas? I'm not talking about you teach everything but you show that you are a woman and that you like to be. It is amazing how we can transform simply by wearing more embellished garments: not only will you look much better but you will also feel much more feminine.

Do you make yourself feel like Goddesses?