Keukenhof, Netherlands | Travel tips to get to know this beautiful park of flowers, where the tulips stand out - Traveling Again

Keukenhof, Netherlands | Travel tips to get to know this beautiful park of flowers, where the tulips stand out - Traveling Again

Keukenhof, Netherlands | Travel tips to get to know this beautiful park of flowers, where the tulips stand out - Traveling Again

Keukenhof, get to know this beautiful flower park in the Netherlands, where tulips stand out, of all colors and unimaginable variations.

Keukenhof Park The history of the Keukenhof dates back to the 15th century when the Countess Jacqueline of Bavaria, who lived in Castle Teylingen, , harvested fruits, vegetables and herbs in the woods and dunes around the castle. Hence came the name Keukenhof (kitchen garden). Then, in 1641, Keukenhof Castle was built, whose property covered more than 200 hectares of area.

Keukenhof Castle , Netherlands

In 1857, landscape designer Jan David Zocher and his son Louis Paul Zocher, who designed the Vondelpark in Amsterdam, in English style, which is still the basis of Keukenhof .

If you want to know more about the history, go to the official site of the park. If you prefer to see the reviews of other visitors, check the reviews on Tripadvisor.

How to get there
Keukenhof is located in the city of Lisse, the Netherlands, between Haarlem and Leiden, about 36 km from Amsterdam. (see options at Rentalcars), take the A4 to Leimuiderweg / N207, exit Nieuw-Vennep, then to Keukenhof . The journey takes about 40 minutes. The Bloembollenstrek (district of the bulbs) occupies a range of 30 km, being the most important flower growing area in the country.

There are combined options of public transport tickets that are worth consulting, leaving the center Amsterdam, Schiphol Plaza, Leiden Central Station and Haarlem.

Public transport to Keukenhof with their respective numbers

For directions and pricing details, go to How to get there.

Bike rental for the tulip fields in Keukenhof

There are also excursions to the flower fields and the park itself. You can check the options on the TicketBar or CityDiscovery websites.

Exploring Keukenhof
Considered the largest and most famous park in the world, the tour is wonderful, a must see !!!
With over seven million bulbs, a fantastic collection of hyacinths , lilies, daffodils, gladioli, etc. Of course, the most famous of all is the tulip.
Tulips are symbol of the Dutch Culture, brought from Turkey (see the post Curiosities of Turkey) in the 16th century. They have been cultivated on Dutch soil since 1593, when Carolus Clusius began.

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Flower beds of tulips, a profusion of colors and beauty

In the park you find several varieties, sizes and colors, a colorful rug never seen . A world, enchanted with colors and perfumes. A balm in our eyes. It makes you want to stop time. In its composition, you will find English-style gardens, Japanese style, dedicated to spring, the natural garden, the historical, a maze of plants, and seven other themed gardens.

Keukenhof Flower Show Pavilion There are several pavilions, countless flowery boulevards, beautiful, with exhibitions, beautiful sculptures, Dutch culture shows, a mini zoo, playground for children, toilets, souvenir shops, restaurants, snack bars, kiosks and a beautiful typical windmill with lookout for its colorful fields of tulips.

Map of Keukenhof Park, Netherlands

Keukenhof has an excellent infrastructure combined with the perfection of nature. Each year landscaping is planned and executed to honor distinguished personalities, and they are never the same.

Renovated landscaped grounds annually

Beyond tulips, there are several other flowers at Keukenhof

Combination of flower beds and decorative pieces

This wonderful attraction is open to the public only from the last week of March until the third week of May. Their hours are from 8:00 am to 7:30 pm, and the reception is until 18:00. Surely it will take you all day to enjoy this wonder. Buy your ticket in advance, avoid wasting a lot of time in queues. The prices you can find on the official site of Keukenhof. There is a canal that surrounds the park, where you can walk for about 45 minutes by boat. Enjoy to take beautiful photos. To buy tickets for this tour, head to the mill. The boat goes all around the park, and you can see from afar the beautiful tulip fields.

Keukenhof is an extra attraction in the park

In 2016, if you can arrange the tour for April 23, you can be enchanted by the Parade of Flowers, with floats decorated with local flowers, a very different and beautiful party.

Car at the Flower Parade

At the end of January, the fields begin to cover brightly colored shoots, which grow in intensity until the middle of April, when tulips bloom.

Tulip growing fields

It's a must-see, when you go to Holland, do not miss this lovely park.