Pablo Neruda - Poetry: I want to return to the south: 1941

I want to return to the south: 1941

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Sick in Vercruz, I remember a South day, my land, a silver day like a fast fish in the sky. Lonchoche, Lonquimay, Carahue, from above scattered, surrounded by silence and roots, sitting on their thrones of hides and wood. The South is a horse stuck crowned with slow trees and dew, when it raises the green snout drops fall, the shadow of its tail wet the great archipelago and in its intestine grows the venerated coal. Never again, tell me, shadow, never again, tell me, hand, never again, tell me, foot, door, leg, combat, upset the jungle, the road, the spike, the mist, the cold, which, one of your steps endlessly consumed? Heaven, let me one day from star to star go treading light and gunpowder, destroying my blood until I reach the nest of rain! I want to go behind the wood by the river
fragrant Toltén, I want to leave the sawmills,
enter the canteens with feet soaked, to guide me by the light of the electric hazel, excrement of cows,
die and revive biting wheat. Ocean, bring me a day of the South, one day clinging to your waves,
a wet tree day, bring a polar blue wind to my cool flag!

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