Angel Monagas

Angel Monagas


The area of ​​influence of the circuit covers six municipalities and includes the San Antonio and Santa Lucia. It will have as a starting point San Gil, linking the Valley of San José, Mogotes, Charalá, Ocamonte, and Páramo to return again to San Gil or vice versa, there are many options offered by the road network of these six municipalities. It begins with 17 kilometers of paved road, then takes a trip in sections of approximately 55 kilometers of unpaved road, to return well from Charalá or Ocamonte to San Gil by paved road.

Among the sites you can visit , besides the landscapes and exotic places that surround the circuit are, the spa of the San José Valley, the historic Arch Bridge, the Hole of the Birds, the well of desires, the ecological sanctuary La Floresta, the waterfall the jump in Riachuelo, to Riachuelo historical place of Santander, the spa of Charalá, the bridge over the River Pienta (historical place), the Waterfalls of Juan Curí, and in Páramo, religious tourism, enjoying the field of healing. >

Along the route you will find the Santandereano flavor of its people.

Special Events | San Vito Bird Club
Please join us at this year's Annual Meeting, Saturday, Feb. 21. This year we will dedicate our gathering to Ernie Vogt.

Treking or ecological trekking : From San Gil you will be able to visit the Serranías de San Antonio and Santa Lucia going through the green mountains of the Eastern mountain range, in a region characterized by its cañaduzales and coffee plantations, moving on foot to contemplate the nature and the landscape. You can schedule your trek lasting from one day to three days.

Overlanding: Now it is mechanized, combine the power of your machine (4x4, four-engine, or motorcycle), your ability to drive on tertiary roads, nature.