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Imagen titulada Identify Trees Step 1

Imagen titulada Identify Trees Step 1

A ball ?. No, it's a planet with colorful trees, houses, and birds.

Although I had been hanging around for some time, I decided to open my store when I learned that I had lost my job. What until then was only a hobby became a project with much enthusiasm. That happened in 2008. Now, a few years have passed, I remember with affection my first sale and the first words of congratulation for my work. This gave me a lot of encouragement to move on.

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I love color and play with it. Felt, my favorite material, becomes plasticine of spectacular colors. I like to walk calmly, photograph trees and admire buildings. I like illustrations and comics. I love cinema.
Yes, inspiration comes when I look at the world around me and let the imagination fly.
It all starts with a drawing.
When an idea comes up, I have to write it down as fast as I can. I can, a little sketch, a sentence, something not to lose it. I always carry a notebook, in my purse or in the car. Sometimes it develops fast and often stands still for a while. I might try another day, until something really satisfies me.

I have a map of the world in which I mark the places where my creations travel. I know that I will never be able to go to most of those places and look for pictures where they have gone to meet them. I like to know that my work is so far away. This is fascinating to me and I feel happy when they reach their destination and people tell me they have smiled when they saw it.

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