Rudelaris Blog: What is the best time to harvest?

Understanding as best moment that in which the concentration of thc is optimal. There are several ways. One of them is the calendar method: if it is in indoor culture, it counts for 55 or 60 days since you changed the photoperiod to 12 hours. However, on the outside, it is more difficult to determine because it depends on more factors: latitude, height, climatology of that year ... Although by general rule: in Spain, September; or early October, and maybe more, for the purer sativa varieties. Although today with the numerous variety of crosses, it is difficult to know which are indica or not.

Another method, the most reliable and scientific, is the method of observing the trichomes look at the resin glands or trichome glands, which are attached along the flowers or buds. It is necessary to use a good magnifying glass of more than 20x, although the best is a microscope. Do not complicate yourselves, the one who came with the nosequé-nova vale. The microscope has to be between 20 and 50 magnifications, and use a good light along with apparatus.

Black arrows: transparent trichomes (start maturation)

Blue arrows: milky trichomes (moderate maturation)

Red arrows: amber trichomes (total maturation). The green arrows: dark trichomes (over ripening).

I've already talked about timing, and the most accurate method. Now: the method to eye of the good cubero:
It is in observing the calices of the flowers. The calyx, which contains the pistils, at the beginning of flowering is attached to the stem, but then extends and forms most of the flowers, and the hairs leaving the chalice form the predominant color of the bud; well, many growers say that looking at whether 70% or 80% of the plant hairs are brown, is the best time to cut. Then they become purple, thus beginning the old age of the plant, and then die (if conditions do not prevent it). This image will help you a lot:

A house made of recycled pallets
The house would only be used by him and only a few days a week, so it did not have to be too large to meet these goals. The total area of ​​the house is 90 meters square in which we find a kitchen, a dining room, a bedroom and a bathroom.

In a book I read one more method is added:

Smoking method: comes to say that from the moment the plants are ready, enter the room every day, take a sample (for smoking), insert it in the oven at 90º for 10 or 15 minutes, or in a microwave at maximum temperature for 30 seconds. When you smoke the smoke will be very dense and rough because the grass has dried too fast. It says that when you are serene smokes a small amount, and if you like the rush: cut it.

I personally recommend the union of the calendar method, plus that of the trichomes - I with a magnifying glass - more of the eye EYE: Do not forget to wash your plants at least a week before cutting them for the leachate: it is important since it is not the case. fertilizer will be smoked later, influencing the taste ...

I hope you find it useful.