Academium is a software solution geared toward educational institutions that meets the needs of account control, school enrollment, grading, scheduling, and reporting.

A major effort has been made for ease of use and rapid deployment based on an impeccable and professional user interface, on-screen help and assistants for the most complex tasks, Academium is undoubtedly an indispensable tool.

Academic and operational structure.

It is possible to define very flexible and always with the help of assistants all the features of curricula and the way the institution operates.

You can define careers, courses, academies, tuition fees, school cycles, qualification and evaluation periods, subjects (subjects), shifts, etc.

Academium implements the concept of "Institution Profile" which defines a series of more or less generalized characteristics that will allow you to configure the system in a few minutes.

The catalog of teachers includes a fundamental tool in planning that is the possibility to define the hours and days that the teacher has available and the subjects that he is qualified to teach, so Academium can take decisions and make suggestions when building schedules.

The student catalog allows you to record all important data such as registration, code, name and personal data, photographs, etc.

You can also use a bar code reader or any additional Windows-compatible hardware to help you automate billing and query processes.

Processes such as global charges, payment schedules, scholarships, and financing plans are considered.

Academium allows you to obtain reports for different ranges and selection criteria for students and provides a base of extensible components that can help you customize the system to the fullest.

It incorporates a school box that easily allows the registration of payments for concepts such as tuition, enrollment, additional services, withdrawals and cash income, etc.

The control of boxes and tellers is based on the concept of a session, which allows easy separation of responsibilities and quick cuts and arching.

With regard to the control of student accounts Academium allows great flexibility and automation when generating charges, allowances, discounts and application of documents.

You can define policies such as discounts for prompt payment, extra charges for transport services, etc.

You can get a variety of reports ranging from the age of balances and the amounts per group to customized and detailed statements and collection analysis.

With unbeatable ease of use and flexibility Academium allows you to record student grades individually (ballot) or by group and subject.

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These simple yet powerful query and rating screens will greatly facilitate the job of recording and getting results.

Academium includes an academic policy module that allows you to configure and schedule how you want the system to automatically deliver results.

For example: You can define whether you want the number of absences to impact academic results or whether it is mandatory for a subject to be approved to pass the entire course.

Academium can print practically any ballot format, issue report cards, extraordinary reports, results, promoted students, attendance lists, etc.

Organization of schedules

Academium solves this issue and provides easy-to-learn tools to manage that by its technology allow in a few minutes to make all the schedules of groups and teachers of the institution.

The time scheduling tool provides suggestions and assesses the appropriateness of assigning a teacher to a particular group and subject using their own automatic analysis. It also tells you which are the alternatives to move an assignment to another day. hour.

Academium allows you to generate schedules by simply dragging and dropping items into the design grid showing colors to identify the possibilities.

You will never have collisions of assigned hours or groups with too many free hours.

Academium can almost think and make decisions for you.

You can obviously print schedules in different shapes and styles.

Academium is supported by eBASIC components that allow you to extend the system to the extent necessary and a new development technique that allows you to easily upgrade and upgrade the software.

The installation is done according to the Windows Installer © standard, which allows you to uninstall and repair safely.

AGGREGATE: I apologize to anyone who downloaded it prior to this comment. I forgot that the first time you requested user and password, you must put: admin in user (so in small letters) and in password do not put any two enter ok luck.
Size: 14 Mb Download here
Pass: pepe