In the troje of Chiquina: December 2012

DIY un estante de especia magnético

DIY un estante de especia magnético

The new year is about to arrive and it has to take stock of what is finished and purposes for the next one.

The back look brings good times, bad ones I think they are forgotten before , but some bitterness is still going through the memory, maybe that's why the good times taste better.

To the future, when they paint him black, you have to enlighten him and this coming, I do not even want to come with which they augur, but if we become dark it will be even darker.

That is why my first purpose is to remain optimistic, I will laugh at my shadow and my face, because laughter wrinkles in the face but stretch those of the soul.

This 2013 I want to be more reflective, I will try to count up to 10 or even more.

I will try to organize myself better to do what I really care about .

Do not leave this blog abandoned and my participation in another is not another good purpose.

Ficus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In all cases they are woody plants, shrubs with irregularly shaped trunks, or sculptural, with adventitious and superficial roots. The facies are achenes that mature within the own sinconium, dándoselle the name of figo or conxunto.

Always look with innocence around me and try to live and leave live each one in your own way, even if you do not like what you see.

I try to lose weight, every year is the same story but I perseverare.

I have more but I will post as Tele5, 12 months twelve causes, as I a purpose for each month.

To see if within a year, making balance comes out all positive.

In the new year I ask for light, a lot of light to illuminate the black of unemployment, evictions, political mismanagement and that light makes people the most important, that we all have a sun, or a bulb over our heads that shows the world, that the rest may be dark, but people are well visible.

Hopefully they will come true! Have you already made your good intentions? Let them be fulfilled.

Thank you for being there, tomorrow I will try to return.