Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, Cape Town · Lomography

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Kirstenbosch - The World's Largest Outdoor Botanical Garden!
I fell in love with this garden when I first came here in 2004. So when I came back to Cape Town , I decided to visit him again. Although some unforeseen things were about to happen (unforeseen visits to some vineyards ...), there I was! Again in Kirstenbosch!

Although it was sunny and warm when it came out of Cape Town, it became cold and cloudy on arrival here because of the altitude and the proximity of the mountains. But the dark gray clouds created the perfect background for my photos, hanging from above like a set!

The first thing I saw and caught my attention was a group of small children playing, forming large corros, so it was worth taking pictures. So I went to look for the proteas. The garden is very large, therefore, I had to focus on one of its species ... :) Unfortunately, it was not the flowering season of these beautiful plants (we were in winter ...), but among the great variety of species , it was not difficult to find others that were in all their splendor. For example, another of my favorite flowers (which is also the national flower of South Africa), the bird of paradise.

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Requires the company of a park ranger and coordinate the transfer for the return , as it ends at the far end of the Park. Finally you will arrive until the entrance of the reserve, where you will be able to know much of its attractions.

I also enjoyed the many different birds that were there. There were geese everywhere, especially Egyptians. I'm not sure if they were just passing through, on the way in their migration to somewhere, but it gave me the impression that they were quite comfortable and were having a good time (... why go away?).

The garden covers 36 hectares on a 528-hectare estate, which covers a protected area, on the mountainside, which contains a natural forest and fynbos plants (the famous plant in South Africa, which surely you'll hear it fynbos red tea).

Kirstenbosch is in the heart of the Cape Floristic region, also known as the Cape Floral Kingdom. In 2004, the entire region, including the Kirstenbosch, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site (another first world recognition for Kirstenbosch). It is the first botanical garden in the world that receives this distinction.

If you get hungry (... as always ...), you have a restaurant and a cafeteria inside the garden facilities, with a few menus amazing wines and a complete selection of wines.