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Hi there babes! Today I want to talk with you about the magic trend of sneakers. Perfect to get a sport and chic outfit!

I love this trend because I love sneakers and because wearing them is the most comfortable way to look stylish! This time I just picked up a couple of basics and then chose some cool accessories. The black little dress id perfect to achieve this kind of outfits and the red bag is the key to make the outfit look so chic

Hope you like it, have a great day and thousands of kisses!

Hello everyone! Today I want to chat with you (once again) about the magical tendency of the shoes. Perfect to get the looks sport chic that I like so much!

All this in the middle of pieces of cars dismantled, motor grease as wallpaper and Darío Gómez at medium volume and poorly tuned. The oil was always changed on its own, the tires never got worn out and the braking or alignment always happened magically.

I love this trend. First, because I'm a number one fan of sports. I have always loved it. And second, but not least, because it is the most comfortable way of going stylish and the last. This time, I did not complicate my life. A couple of basic and then a few cool accessories. The black dress and my Adidas Superstar are perfect for getting these outfits, while the bag, the watch and the glasses are what make the look look chic.

I hope you like it

Dress / Dress: Zara TRF (New collection)

Sneakers: Adidas Superstar

Sunglasses / Sunnies: Dior So Real