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American Kestrel APC NWR October 6th 2014

American Kestrel APC NWR October 6th 2014

"Today we have decided to talk about the types of training." (Lilly & Lolla).

different purpose but all are based on the same principle, obedience.

Let's quote a few here for you:

Behavioral Training (Behavior Training) / strong> Obedience training Agility training Preparatory Dressage training and defense What is the difference between behavioral therapy and obedience training?

Behavioral training does not use gratification, it aims to fix the behavioral problems of your hairy, such as excessive barking , pee out of place etc.

The obedience (training, teaching) training

An example: "My mother said to me" sit ". I did what she told me, after that she gave me a treat. " Lilly

What obedience training commands?

"search!" "let go!" What are the methods of obedience training?


Positive - This technique is the opposite of the previous one where snacks and caresses are used when the dog does the right thing. When they were entered into the training they brought great results.

What is agility training?

Agility is a sport that your dog goes through obstacles following a pre- in the shortest time possible. Some examples of obstacles: tires, jumps, tunnels, wall, long jump, table, ramp, seesaw, walkway ...

And the race showroom?

White-tailed Hawk APC NWR October 6th 2014
White-tailed Hawk APC NWR October 6th 2014

It's an event where the dogs are evaluated and compared to each other to determine the quality of the breeding.

It is divided into:

  • Junior;
  • Adult
  • Senior

The Competition takes place among all lineages in each group. Shepherds and herdsmen; Pinschers, Schnauzers and Molossiids; Terriers; Dachshunds; Spitz and Primitive Types; Sniffers; Dogs of Aponte; Retrievers and Water Dogs;

The champions of each group compete with each other for the title Best in Show.

What is the attack training like? defense?

It runs with dogs that are going to be guard dogs. With this training your dog learns to attack and defend when necessary. The furry learn to attack after the command of its owner. "We recommend you use a coach for this." (Lilly and Lolla)

And training for the guide dog?

Guide dogs are trained to help the disabled, usually the blind, or the deaf. It's a long process for your dog and the owner, not all the dogs that can participate.

To be a guide dog your furry has to be calm, intelligent, docile and eager to please the human , so some breeds are more recommended as Labradors and Golden Retrievers.

My mom videoed me last week with some basic obedience training tricks. (Lilly)

I hope you like it!

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