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Aves exoticas del Amazonas y del Mundo Curiosas raras extrañas y sorprendentes

Aves exoticas del Amazonas y del Mundo Curiosas raras extrañas y sorprendentes

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Many people think that rainforests are something of the other world, which are sites located in lands "very, very distant". At least we would never imagine that we had any in the United States. To your surprise, there is at least one place in the country where you can find these types of landscapes: the state of Hawaii. They extend along each of the islands and make up a total of 6733.97 km². Because the islands have been isolated by the Pacific Ocean for millions of years, the species that inhabit these forests are unique; You will not see them anywhere else under this sun!

Hawaiian rainforests are a mixture of arid and "moist" forests. All these subtypes have a typical rainforest structure and include both native species such as koa acacia and other naturalized Polynesian species, such as the candil or kukui tree and the milo. From one 1249.68 m, the boques receive almost 3,000 millimeters of rain or more per year. Many native species of birds and animals inhabit there, although the area is affected by non-native spices such as wild boar. No visitor should stop visiting these forests before they disappear forever.

9. Daintree Rainforest (Australia)

The landscape offers nature lovers hundreds of streams and waterfalls, lush forests and hundreds of towering peaks. The prime location of the forest allows you to be lined with beaches and coral reefs, a combination difficult to match. Both artists and scientists alike will appreciate this paradise!