▷ 3 Home Remedies to Relieve Your French Bulldog's Itchiness

▷ 3 Home Remedies to Relieve Your French Bulldog's Itchiness

▷ 3 Home Remedies to Relieve Your French Bulldog's Itchiness

As we have pointed out on several occasions, the French bulldog is a breed very prone to allergies (these may be softer or more aggressive) to scratch a lot , always depending on the situation of the dog. There are vaccines, shampoos, pills, etc. to reduce the symptoms of allergy and these itch , but sometimes a home remedy and natural this treatment and alleviate that discomfort in a more efficient and less harmful way for your pet.

Atopic dermatitis is a very common disease in the canine world, but above all we talk about the french bulldog It is a complex disease and chronic so it is very important to control it as much as possible so our Frenchie has a quality of life. Atopic dermatitis is due to a skin reaction, which leads to continuous swelling and redness, associated with the presence of IgE antibodies to environmental allergens.

Attention! If your French bulldog has allergies or you think you can have them, you should go to your veterinarian for testing and recommend appropriate treatment. However, today we share some home remedies to improve the skin of your French bulldog, and above all relieve their itching and prevent irritation of the skin. Home Remedies to Relieve Your Dog's Itching # 1 Apple Cider Vinegar

Avena is another natural ingredient to help rinse your French bulldog , and which calms the itching of your allergies, reducing the scaliness in your skin. This recipe is to make it and bathe your frenchie at the moment, if you have enough mix, tweet it . You can do it once a week , and watch it again if it improves.

1 cup baking soda 2 cups oats You can also buy oatmeal directly so you do not have to crush it (You can buy both at the grocery store or in the herbal store) 3 cups of water Crush or crush the oats, until it is like powder. If you have the Thermomix or a blender at home, it will be quicker and easier When it is left as a powder, mix it with the baking soda and water very well, and let it stand < li> We bathe our French bulldog first with the shampoo recommended by our vet (With warm water pulling cold, as hot water does not come well for skin irritations, in fact makes them worse) We rinse it, and we apply the oatmeal we have prepared, putting more in the affected areas We let it act for at least 15 minutes We clarify it very well with water fresh, leaving no residue on your skin # 3 Romero

In addition to these lotions and rinses you can do at home, when looking for an antiallergenic shampoo for dogs, you can also look for natural ingredients like wheat germ and alore vera that will help improve the skin of your French Bulldog with your allergies. All of these remedies are treatments that you should c complement with the one your vet has sent you , since none of them is the solution, but if you can help your bulldog French do not suffer as much with your allergies.

Home Remedies for Relieving Your Dog's Itchiness

There are many veterinary medicines and treatments but sometimes it is healthier for your French bulldog to try some of these home remedies to alleviate their itching, since abusing the medication is not recommended unless there is no other.

We hope you have been interested in this post, and that if your French bulldog has allergies you can help with any of these remedies, as you suffer a lot when the gordis do not stop scratching and reddening . Share it with friends who may have this same problem with their frenchies or other dog breeds and on your favorite social networks.

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