Community - Kale Mama

Community - Kale Mama

Community - Kale Mama

This past weekend was full of creative activities that involved someone taking the risk to make it happen, and in turn strengthening our community.

Storytime at TBC Food and Drink

Monthly storytime and the free community library are great offerings for families of the community and visitors, too.

When entering this restaurant you are immediately welcomed by the friendly staff and you can not help but feel happy with all of the colors and details. Definitely a work of art worth checking out!

Follow TBC food & amp; Gudvibes Opening Event

Art by Flor             elsanna-art-archive
Art by Flor elsanna-art-archive

This space has evolved into a community space for yoga, art classes , theater, dance and many other offerings.

The opening event was inspirational, witnessing the artist Sofia Maldonado and her team recreate the exterior and interior of the space. Check out her work at Softonic on Instagram.

The green patch that was installed with the help of Kale Mama during the summer camp, is thriving and producing a lot of kale! During the event, we had the opportunity to do a scavenger hunt with paint chips in the garden.

Upon first glance, green is what we saw, but we looked closer, the kids found many colors and noticed the variety of growing plants there. BQN Community Event at Royal Isabela

Behind the cat woman is Ashley Wright of Puerto Rican Destination Weddings, who is behind the BQNlife movement and events at Royal Isabela.

There is so much value in all of these community events; bringing people together to talk and exposure to arts, literature, food, the environment and more!

We look forward to seeing what other creative ventures pop up in the community.

My parachute
I can swear that I have seen how she was happy in her, as her room has been the perfect bunker of salvation and refuge from all the evil of the outside, as her sheets could be called so to call paradise, as her pillow is a perfect allegory of its smell and how you wake up in it are the best way to face the day and everything that this you come.