Compton - Trash & amp; Recycle Services | Republic Services

Compton - Trash & amp; Recycle Services | Republic Services

Compton - Trash & amp; Recycle Services | Republic Services

Each commercial business and multi-family dwelling is offered the following:

Commercial Refuse collection
Commercial Recycle collection
Commercial Green waste collection
Commercial Debris Box collection service

Bulk Item Collection Multi-Family Dwellings

Republic Services provides bulky item collection for an additional fee. To schedule a pickup, contact the City of Compton's Water and Sewer Waste Department at 310-605-5524.

Commercial Customers

Republic Services provides bulky item collection for an additional fee To schedule a pickup contact the City of Compton's Water and Solid Waste Department at 310-605-5524.

Recycle Service

Ready to start recycling at work and not sure where to start?

Republic Services is proud to offer the following services to help you comply with AB 1826:

Waste Audits

determine your organization's recycling needs. These audits can look at everything from the composition of the waste stream to the distance to recycling facilities to determine the steps that will ultimately result in the lowest environmental impact and the highest level of environmental protection.

Educational Program and Material

Republic can develop and help your business implement the right program to fit your needs, by providing educational materials for you and your staff. This is to help ensure that you are recycling the organics properly and to make sure the process is smooth.

Additional Information

What is AB 341?

In January 2012, Assembly Bill 341 (AB 341) was signed into law in California to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. AB 341, also called the "Mandatory Commercial Recycling Regulation," requires businesses that generate more than four cubic yards of commercial solid waste per week and multi-family residential dwellings of five units or more to implement recycling programs on or after July 1,

Compton - Trash & amp; Recycle Services | Republic Services

According to the State of California, businesses and multi-family residents in New Jersey have been designed to be extremely flexible.

Under AB 939, municipalities are required.

Under AB 939, municipalities are required to divert 50 percent of their waste stream from the landfill. AB 341 sets a new statewide goal for 75 percent disposal reduction by the year 2020.

Republic Services is a recognized leader in providing waste recycling solutions in an environmentally responsible manner. In addition to mixed waste processing, we are proud to offer a variety of recycling services and equipment.

to efficiently meet your needs.

What do you need to do to comply with the new law?

By participating in Republic Services' All-In-One is compliant with the AB 341 requirements. You can improve recovery by placing all DRY and LOOSE recyclable materials into the collection container without a bag.

Economic Incentives

Industrial customers that generate large amounts of recyclable materials may benefit by participating in one of our separate collection programs.

Republic Services continues to invest in proven technologies to control costs and simplify and streamline recycling for our customers. Our advanced single-steam sorting equipment includes disk screens, magnets and optical sorters to identify and separate different kinds of paper, metals, plastics and other materials to increase efficiency and maximize your efforts.

The National Commission for the Environment defines the green area as urban or peripheral spaces, predominantly ... by trees, or plants, can different uses, to functions recreation, recreation, ecology, ornamentation, protection, and of environment, similar (MINVU, CONAMA, 1998) (click here).