How to choose your friends or people who open your refrigerator Using a photo editor, we can mix 2 images to create a flat image of a head, which is then enmica and submerged in a bottle with water. When the flattened image is inserted into the curved flask, along with the distortion of the water, it gives the illusion of a head decapitated in a flask. This is a true idea of ​​wit and as the passing of an image gives the impression of something real. then in "Ingeniando" we show you how to do it.

program to edit photos
A large bottle
Vegetable painting

First you need to take 2 photos of a profile and one of front
With the camera at eye level, take a photo from the front and another from the side. make sure you are well lit

Next you have to import the images into a photo editing suite. The final result will be on a standard printer paper, open the photo editing program and the opening of a new set of documents.

Then import the profile and front of photos into new layers and resize them to fit your workspace.

Come on to resize again, after merging the faces together.

Adjust levels and adjust images

Using the photo editor crop so that what remains is only the face. After trimming, if your two images have a different illumination adjust the levels,

use your eyes as a level, align the two images making them match from the profile to the front everything should be aligned

p> editors have a function with measures or rule that help to align everything

Removing the edges of the profile

Select the erase tool and put it in a soft tone.
Erase the edge of the profile image in which it merges both sides.

Changing the opacity of the eraser can work the brush to blur some of the details and mix the two images.

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With a finished side, do Copy / Duplicate the profile and paste it into a new layer.

Flip the horizontal copy and move to the other side of the front image.

You may need to adjust the levels of the duplicate layer to match the portrait, and use the eraser tool again to adjust the distance.

You must have a credible version of a flattened head.

When be satisfied with layer placement, mixing, and lighting levels, please both. Then resize the image to fit the jar.

You can enlarge your image to crop the neck and top of the head, or you can work more with the brush in these areas, such as with the clone tool, or prediction tool

Save the file and Print

After saving the image
There should be an option on the printer that allows you to fill the page with your image or something.

Since this image will be submerged in water you need to muddy it so it does not fall apart.

Most people do not have a home swap machine, but their local school, office supply store, library or copy center probably has one that they can use. The swatch costs around $ 1usd. p>

Prepare the bottle

You will need a bottle large enough to fit the image.

Put the head of the photo into the bottle

Put the photo print on the bottle through the neck, then cover with the previously painted water until it is full < - The head in a bottle will be ready to be placed inside the refrigerator and thus to frighten some hungry intruder

Put the bottle in the refrigerator, you can put it you can also place yourself on some coffee table now you can have fun with your friends by playing the joke of the head inside a jar