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Ficus is a xenon of arboriñas of the family Moraceae . Among the species of the xenon are the fig trees and the ficus . There are more than 1,000 species of fig trees in the world, especially in tropical and subtropical climates (the Ficus xenon is one of the largest in the vexetal realm). The representative type is the fig tree (Ficus carica) , grown in Galicia. Hai tamén ornamental species.

The fig trees usually reach tree size, even though some species do not grow in size and remain as shrubs, others taint a blushing habit, and even hake species. In all cases they are woody plants, shrubs with irregularly shaped trunks, or sculptural, with adventitious and superficial roots. The fags are alternating, usually provided with latex. The flowers are tiny, unisexual, and have no special inflorescence called sicóns, which consists of a receptacle pechado, with flowers inserted in the interior, and an orifice of exit at the apex, or ostíolo . The facies are achenes that mature within the own sinconium, dándoselle the name of figo or conxunto.

The main differences between the species danse in the size, shape of the trunk, shape, texture and consistency of the follies, color, texture and shape of the synconia etc. There are 4 Ficus subgenres separated from each other by microscopic features in the small flowers, and by the occurrence of unisexual or hermaphrodite plants.

Ficus clusiifolia growing on a wall.

The fig trees pose one of the most curious reproductive systems in nature. The flowers, enclosed in the syn- canium, do not stain direct contact with the outside environment, so that the pole can not be transferred from one plant to another spontaneously.

Some species of fig trees only produce figs with male or female flowers. In this case, it is common for the "male" synconia to present sterile female flowers, unable to produce seeds, but rather they will also serve as food for the wasps' larvae, ensuring that the above described process occurs.

accepted species of more than 2,700 described and about 75 accepted infra-specific taxa of the more than 800 described species.

Popular fig tree species [edit | edit the source]

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Surface roots of Ficus benjamina .

Ficus clusiifolia strangler torso .