Cooking vegetables

Cooking vegetables

Cooking vegetables

Cannelloni was one of my favorite dishes when I was omnivorous, and I think this "veganization" is very successful, because they remember a lot in flavor and texture to those of meat. I was inspired by the recipe of my grandmother, who made them very delicious.

It is a rather laborious dish ... but it is worth losing a little occasionally to be able to delight our palate.

A box of cannelloni pasta ​​p>

Thin textured soy

1 medium onion

Soya sauce

Sugarless soy milk

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Grated vegan cheese

Wheat flour

Extra virgin olive oil

First of all we will read the instructions of the cannelloni pasta, since some brands have to be boiled and others only hydrate for a while. I usually buy the ones that are only hydrated, because I think they are just as rich the cannelloni and its preparation is faster. While hydrated or boiled, we will prepare the filling and the béchamel. When the cannelloni plates are ready we will put them on a clean cotton cloth, so that they do not stick to the counter and they break, and we will dry them with a paper of kitchen.

We have the filling ready, and we go to make the bechamel.

We put in a deep frying pan a good dollop of olive oil and fry the flour (two or three tablespoons full, depending on the quantity of béchamel that you are going to do), when it is golden we add little of the soy milk without SUGAR (this is important, because the majority of vegetable milks come sweetened, and the béchamel would leave us sweet) without stopping to remove with the rods , so that no lumps are formed. The béchamel we will make it to simmer, to avoid that we are burned and we are formed lumps. It is very important not to stop stirring with the rods, but if you get lumps, do not worry ... the mixer will solve it later if necessary. We continue pouring milk, letting it boil, until we have the sauce of the hope that we want. I for cannelloni or lasagna soil put three tablespoons of flour for each liter of milk, more or less. Season with salt and a pinch of nutmeg, to taste.

We already have the prepared plates, the filling and the béchamel, so it's time to "mount" the cannelloni. We will preheat the oven to 250 degrees. In the pan of the oven or in a glass Pyrex (depending on how many cannelloni you make) we put a thin layer of béchamel, to put later the cannelloni. On each plate of cannellón we put some filling in the center and we rolled to close them. We put them in the tray, until we have done all, and then we throw over an abundant layer of bechamel, that covers well. We sprinkle with grated vegan cheese (I buy the mozzarella type from Violife, which comes in block, and rallo, but you can put whatever you want). It's time to gratin them. We put them to the oven, to half height in the gratinar function (the heat up) and we watched until the béchamel is a little doradita and the gratin cheese.

I hope you will try to make yourself, and modify the recipe to your taste, which is the good thing about cooking at home, being able to "customize" our dishes.