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Imagen titulada Grow Cauliflower Step 1

Known in Latin America as "Resurrection", it is a kind of plant in the ginger family. It is native to China (Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Taiwan, Yunnan), India, Nepal, Assam, Bangladesh, Indochina and widely cultivated elsewhere. According to reports, it has become naturalized in Java, Malaysia and Costa Rica.

Post-Flowering K. Rotunda Foliage

rotonda (blackhorm, Sanskrit: भूमीचम्पा, in Kannada: Sampige in it) Hindi: भूमीचम्पा, in Kannada: Sampige in Hindi: भूमी चम्पा malayalam: ചെങ്ങനീർകിഴങ്ങ് / മലങ്കൂവ) is a spicy plant with many medicinal uses in ayurvedic and allopathic medicinal systems. This plant is also called bhumi champa, Indian saffron, ginger peacock, and galangale round rooted.

K. Roundabout is found in various parts of India and neighboring regions, but rarely in the wild. The plant is grown in small herbal nurseries for applications in drug preparation. Like its Sanskrit name bhumi champa (flowering from earth) implies that, the flower of indigo color, it grows from the ground. In fact, the flower emerges long before the leafy whitish leaves, The flower and leaf are never seen at the same time.

The flower contains benzyl benzoate, toxin used to make ointments to treat scabies This plant boils and its oil is used to treat itching. It has potential antioxidant effects.

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It is one of the best Kaempferias. It has tall, elegant slim leaves with a striking pattern on the top surface and a brown wash on the bottom. The plant grows up to 18 inches tall and is grown in the direct sun until half shade. Like the regular rotunda, fragrant flowers first appear before the leaves.

Kaempferias - Called ginger 'peacock'. They are cultivated for their decorative, and often varied, base leaves. Perfect as a ground cover, especially in the shade. Many have purple or lavender flowers. The plants are inactive throughout the winter. They are ideal as decorative plants at home.

Gingers have the queen flowers of the plant world. They are the source of wonderful fragrances and possess an exquisitely delicate foliage and flowers. The fragrance of some gingers, such as the butterfly, will take your breath away.

Gingers enjoy a special position in the botanical kingdom, with its elegance in form and texture, brilliant color and amazing symmetry . The word ginger evokes images of an exotic oriental food scent. However edible ginger is only one of the approximately 1,300 species of the very diverse family Zingiberaceae. Gingers are classified as a perennial herbaceous and have enjoyed popularity as an ornamental plant in Asia and the Far East for centuries. Only recently have they become known as ornamental in America.

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