Make a bouquet of flowers! Yuya

Guapuris of my heart !! I know that you are greatly fascinated by the tutorials to decorate your rooms, so today I became creative, ✨.

You know that I like everything green and beautiful, I think it gives you a super wave fresh to our spaces.

I found a divine idea to decorate our room by reusing the pictures or frames we have in our houses and the old flowers of plastiquito that moms then have. This idea made me quite a father because in addition to pimp our personal space, we are taking care of the planet,

So today I'm going to teach you how to make a very cool floripundesque square that we will be able to hang where we want The only thing you're going to need is:

And this is what you have to do:

CDC - NIOSH Publications - NIOSH Brief Data: Protect Yourself From Poisonous Plants (2010-118)
Images courtesy of the US Department of Agriculture Wear long sleeves, long pants, boots and gloves. Upon contact with the skin, the resin of these plants (urushiol) may cause an allergic reaction.

I was struck by how beautiful it looks!

Guapura, it is very important that if you are not accustomed to using materials like silicone or wire, put on protective gloves. And another thing, ask some adult help to fix the eyebolt on the ceiling, we do not want to hurt, ☝.

What do you think, little children? It really is good, very easy to do and gives the cool touch to any place!

I want to see your #MarquitosVerdosos !!