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The heat prevails before the imminent Summer, the long days do not encourage to walk in the field. The birds continue their activity without worrying about the temperature, predominantly the manufacture of nests, in some cases, and the care of the chickens in others, each species has its breeding calendar. This year the novelty is that they have created a pair of Charrancitos in addition to the usual ones of each year, Coots, Geese, Cigüeñuelas, Frisos, Azulones, Jars, Calamones, Herons, Zampullines, . all these species and many others breed in the zone .

Parents furiously defend their nests or their chickens before any other bird that approaches, even if it is much larger.

In the Maresma the water level is falling very fast, it will probably stay empty as it has been for some years.

Common Stilt Chicken (Himantopus himantopus, C. Camallarga, E. Black-winged stilt, I. Cavaliere d'Italia)

Common Egret (Egretta garzetta, C. Martinet blanc, E. Little Egret, I. Garzetta) with Bridal Plumage

Porphyrio porphyrio, C. polla blava, E. Western swamphen

Yellow-legged Gull (Larus Michahellis, C. Gavià argentat, I. Gabbiano reale zampegialle (Giant, Yellow-legged Gull, I. Gabbiano reale zampegialle)

Bluead duck (Anas platyrhynchos, C. Ànec collverd, E. Mallard, I. Germano reale)

On a visit to a new place this me s, I was able to observe a new species, Sparrow Sparrow, which had their nests on the same slope as the Bee-eater.

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This decreases evaporative water loss, saving money and conserving water, and reduces the development of fungal diseases. Sun heats the water on leaves resulting in scorch or burn and increasing the possibility of fungal diseases.


Sparrow sparrow (Petronia petronia, C. Sparrow roquer E. Rock sparrow)

Seagulls (Larus ridibundus, C. Gavina vulgar, E. Black-headed gull, I. Gabbiano comune) Gavina vulgaris, E. Black-headed gull, I. Gabbiano comune)

Reed gull (Larus ridibundus, C. Gavina vulgar, E. Black-headed gull, I. (Ixobrychus minutus, C. Martinet menut, E. Little bittern, I. Tarabusino)

(Ixobrychus minutus, C. Martinet menut, C. Martinet de nit, E. Black-crowned night heron, P. Savacu)

Egretta garzetta, C. Martinet blanc, E. Little egret, I. Garzetta)

White Wagtail (Motacilla alba) (White-winged stilt, I. Cavaliere d'Italia) , C. Whitetail, E. White wagtail, I. Ballerina bianca)

Wild boars continue to come, at least with the electric shepherds the nests are protected

Wild boar (Sus scrofa, C. Porc senglar, E. Wild boar)

The Charrancitos continues around the area, I did not see the chickens, I do not know if it's because they were hidden or because they have been lost.

Common Stilt Chicken (Himantopus himantopus, C. spp., Little White, I. Fraticello) (Ardea purpurea, C. Agro roig, E. Purple heron, I. Airone rosso. )