Drawing and Painting with pastel chalk Step by Step - YouTube

The lame naturalist
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In this video we make a quick demonstration of how to paint a landscape with pastel chalk, for which we need the following materials:

Pastels yellow, overseas blue pastel, toasted sienna, ocher yellow, lemon green, fuxia, purple, olive green, turquoise, soft carbon black pencil, cleanser or flexible rubber eraser, towel paper to diffuse colors.
The materials sell them in the houses or stores of plastic arts articles. This is how Manual Workshop Peru invites you to participate in our Free Classes, Courses and Workshops for all ages.
We have courses throughout the year:
Artistic Drawing for Adults, Girls, Children and Adolescents < br> Drawing and Oil Painting, Pastel Chalk, Acrylic for all ages where you will learn step by step from drawing to painting nice paintings to your liking; landscapes, portraits, flowers, birds for adults and for girls, boys and adolescents characters of cartoons of the cinema and TV, landscapes with children's motives for the little ones

Cost for adults:
80 soles for 4 classes Cost of Children and Adolescents: 60 soles for 4 classes each of 2 hours or 100 soles for 8 classes each of 2 hours. > We are also going to the home for an additional cost to the areas of: SAN ISIDRO, MIRAFLORES, SAN BORJA, PEOPLE FREE, JESÚS MARÍA, LINCE, MAGDALENA SAN MIGUEL. We also offer accelerated workshops for people coming from Provinces or El Foreigner
For more information visit our website: www.tallermanualperu.com or tallermanualperuartesanías.blogspot.com or call: 2648176 - 999860194
For people of Peru and the Abroad who have any query write us to our mail: I will be at info@tallermanualperu.com we are happy to respond.