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A leader must lead by example and see that everything is done right and what Microsoft needs is a leader with vision, says IESE Professor Josep Valor. Microsoft needs someone who can shift the company's emphasis away from being technology-oriented, someone who understands what users want and has grasped the implications of the Cloud for both hardware and software producers.

by example. Second by setting the right incentives.

Nature and walks: January 2014
In the majority of species, the chrysalis are brown or green since this color serves as the camouflage in the natural environment. Once the chrysalis opens, it exits to the butterfly that is usually colorful and is able to fly, reproductive stage.

Fortunately for Microsoft , they have a year to find a new leader, as they say. But I do believe that whoever takes care of Microsoft has to be a person that turns around the point of view of the company . In my understanding, Microsoft has been making a lot of money, I should say, and somehow mistakes by being very technology-oriented, by looking at the world from the standpoint technology and what an operating system should, how their technology should solve problems .

I think that currently customers expect technology that solves their problems, not solves the technological problems that make things happen. I think they are very complex but they should look very simple to the user. And the new leader of Microsoft should be a person that understands clearly consumer goods, that understands how new generations use technology . And in the long term these new generations will take over the software and the hardware that these companies will need to be, if not better, at least as good as the technology that they use when they're at home.