Simple origami Lily Flower tutorial - U-handblog

Simple origami Lily Flower tutorial - U-handblog

Simple origami Lily Flower tutorial - U-handblog

Because I enjoyed my visit to Kew Gardens so much I thought it would be nice to post the origami flower tutorial. One of my first craft loves origami. I find it really pleasant to use it; the amount of times I've used a spot of origami to keep little ones amused when it was raining outside, or given my mum a bunch of paper folded flowers as a pressie (when I was broke), and in a moment of madness I even asked If I would like to be engaged in writing the proposal inside a paper folded rose (which he now stores in his keepsake box.)

Here is a tutorial for one of my favorite flowers. It is not hard to do even if you have not done any paper folding before. There are just a few steps because you have to repeat some of the steps 8 times, but I think it's worth it and you'll have this flower folded in under 15 minutes flat:)

NB : For my easy peasy origami lidded box tutorial click here.

Here are two Lilies I folded earlier. The paper is colored on one side and white on the other which gives a nice stripe effect to the center of the petals.

1. a square of paper - I suggest NO less than 20cm or it will be fiddly for first timers. Fold the paper in half both ways diagonally and vertically to make a star as in the pic below. Ensure all of your creases are sharp and accurate as possible by running finger nail along each crease for every step of this model.

Fold a star shape in the paper. Note how precise the lines are. It is important to take your time in being precise and fussy when folding origami.


Push one of the sides (right side out) in a triangle and using the creaselines as a guide the sides into the center of the triangle and repeat with the other side. The result is shown below.



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Now flip the model over, repeat with the other 2 sides and unfold all of the edges again and you will get the results shown below ...

As you can see we have just been making creaselines that will serve the guide for the next step.

4. Take one of the folded side edges and slip your index finger into it as shown in the pic below ...

That scar is the result of a small argument (that I lost) with my olfa cutter - we suffer for our art! Slip your finger into the side edge / flap (or whatever you want to call it) and use the creaselines to guide the flap down so that you get what looks like a kite with a white tip as shown below ...

Result Notice how there are 8 'pages / sides' to the model; some of the 'pages' look like the picture above (with white tip) and other pages look like the pic below ... look like this (plain with no white tip) I'm just mentioning the difference in the way the pages look because it's important for the following steps. strong> 5.

Fold shape in

Fold shape in half and make a sharp crease and unfold. We have just created the line for later on.



Result . As you can see we have made creaselines for a triangle. We are going to use these lines for the next step.


Nearly there! Ensure you have a plain side (with no folds or flaps etc. on it) facing up and the open tip are facing away from you. Follow the steps CLOCKWISE from top left in the pic below ...

Clockwise from top left: plain side is facing up and the open tip ends are facing away from you (pic 1 ), precisely fold one of the side edges into the center creaseline and repeat with the other side (pic 2), repeat with step with the other 3 PLAIN sides (pic 3), this should be the result (pic 4)

9. Pick up the model with the side facing you (as in pic 4 of the previous step) and pull one of the petals downwards as shown in the pic below ...

As you pull the petal down you'll notice it will only go down far, at the point where it will go no further make a crease at the base of the petal. Flip the model over and repeat on the other side. Open out and repeat for the remaining 2 petals.

10. Grab a pencil or ruler and curl the edge of the petals to make things look even more pretty as shown below.

Curl the petals under a pencil or ruler and you're done!