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Author has written 48 stories for Beyblade, Death Note, Gakuen Alice, and Naruto.

If someone wants to see something original from me they can find me on FictionPress with the same name by Kiray Himawari

You can also find me in Amor Yaoi, obviously with homosexual themes, under the name of Kiray Himawari

March 2015 - Views from Alongside a Border
Then the sister put us to work: loading the large drums, several jugs of water a gallon, and some stretches of pipe to a van. As the wind whined through this lonely place, I realized how the Red Cross flag was exposing against the blue sky.

Proyecto Cuek > is the result of stories created spontaneously, without planning, without background or meaning and much less a coherence of the whole logic. The stories belonging to the Project Cuek will be mentioned in the fic.

Our Shinobi Life strong> toaneo07 who has given me the great opportunity to develop it. I hope this is to your liking, it's a Beyblade fanfic intertwining the world of Naruto.

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"It was hard to believe what had happened in front of me." Many people came to ask me about that, but I could not say anything, I thought I would not be able to speak for the rest of my life. I thought, but I gradually accepted it, and a year passed as if nothing. " - Lisa [Zankyou No Terror]

Yukimi [Nabari no Ou]