Live in the light

Adela Dinora Salazar Luna alumnus

Adela Dinora Salazar Luna alumnus

To you, who walk with a shadowy and sad face.

To you, that hurry accelerates you and you do not have enough time, but stress and tension throughout the body.

To you, that you are angry, because things do not go as you want and you pull everything away.

To you, you complain about everything, you are unfair It behaves well with others but not with you.

To you, you feel little loved by others and you always giving the best to them.

To you, that disease has taken over your body and thinks there is no hope of regaining health. To you, who are tired of so much fighting with the affairs of life and you do not have the strength to continue.

To you, you have no faith in anything, and you think

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it, To you, that you try to have a perfect physical body, but you do not want to look at yourself inwardly.

that you are somebody and thus to fill the enormous emptiness that is in your heart.

Whoever you are and how you are, how big or small worry is, "everything has a solution "

You just have to realize, that you really do not feel happy, not with your life, or with yourself. But, "you can change it, if you want." When you choose to live consciously and know "who you are and why you are here".

Allumar ... lighting
These structures were so imposing that it is not strange that Don Quixote's troubled mind confused them with giants. For that reason, the blades of the wind machines are placed at a certain height and in terrains with few obstacles.

Change the way you think and change your life.

The positive mentality is a great tool for change. You can start by saying, "Today I regain my power, today I overcome my weaknesses, today I take control."

As Aristotle said "Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the general and final goal of existence. "

You will say how I succeed in being happy ?, I suggest a simple formula, you just have to take it to practice and you will soon see results: "Be Yourself," "Act With Love" and "Let nothing stop you, excuse does not exist. "

When you act by being yourself and allowing others to be themselves, you are loving and loving others.Remember, God gave us free will to act in our life, do not let anyone take it away from you, nor take it from them.

Good foundation such as self esteem, self control, faith and love , build a solid happiness.

You must know that fear is the opposite of love, (not hate), this is a fear disguised. or is the root of all diseases.

We fear to die, to be alone, to be less than others, to run out of money, ourselves, to God , to life, etc., etc., and this limits our power.

Faith produces miracles.

Love nourishes our heart. Love is the engine of a happy life.

"Decide and open to LOVE."