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Behavior Spring-Summer Shoes 2013

And it is companies and employees who live from this, of ICT, we are very insistent, I would say pertinacious. As much or more than the fashion companies, that do not stop to make us arrive their different proposals through all means possible. And is that fashion moves a lot of money. ICT too.

But back to our own, there is no company or ICT guru who does not tell us his vision about trends for this year or the future . I stop in 2013 and I bring you a small illustrated summary - with some delay -.

Gartner 2013 Trends of

Through internal sources, hiring external prestige, from corporate blogs ... And that without counting to the big companies and some media specialists in these subjects:

Ten, five, fifteen, I tend, pardon, I prostrate and I surrender before such a showcase of possibilities. I invite you to put Technology Trends 2013 in any search engine. But what is my client interested in? What are your trends? What are you really willing to buy?

File: Singing Bird Box by Bontems.JPG - Wikimedia Commons
The birds made by Bontems during this time are the most beautiful, detailed and proportionate they made. The birds made by Bontems in this period are the most detailed and proportionate they ever made.

to turn the whole invasion of strategic-commercial marketing and sit down and listen to them. Yes, to them , not to our speeches, to them, to our customers.

You're driving your two-seater on a terrible storm night. You pass by a rickety bus stop where three people are waiting: An old woman who has just suffered a heart attack. An old friend who once saved your life and sheltered yourself from the rain with an umbrella. The woman of your dreams, or your ideal man.

Who would you take in your car, given that you only have room for a passenger?

You could take the old woman, because she is going to die and therefore you should save her first; or you could take the friend, since he saved your life and you are indebted to him. However, you may never find the woman of your dreams, or your ideal man.

How does the story end?

I would give my car keys to my friend, and ask him to take the old lady to the hospital; In the meantime, I would wait for the bus, in the middle of the storm with the umbrella of my friend and the woman of my dreams. "

Excellent, or said from my interpretation: Let's not be orthodox when it comes to interpreting what we hear our customers if we want to sell solutions to their problems Choosing new approaches, proposing them with ingenuity and transmitting them with passion becomes our technology is one of the fundamental supports to go in the medium term towards a new growth model and also, immediately, to restart the motor of the activity and transform the Administration to make it more efficient, sustainable and close to the citizen .