Third Place  Tercero Lugar

Third Place Tercero Lugar

Seeing the sleeping cat triggered my good friend T. and I to keep a conversation centered on the so-called three states of experience. I transcribe a part of that talk:

T: - What happens, is that I do not remember anything about the deep sleep. If my body is not there, neither my mind nor the world, I am not there.

JM: - I understand what you say. But let us see in detail your argument. In short, you are saying that since there is no presence of objects, you cease to exist. That is, your existence depends on whether or not there are objects, experiences ... If that were true, we could apply it to the waking state. Does your existence depend on that you see that chair, taste a type of food, smell a perfume, hear Blues, or feel your low back?

T: - No, seen that way, of course not. I do not depend on those things to know that I exist. JM: Of course, you exist before, during and after the experience of the chair, the type of food, low back pain, etc ... That means that the appearance of an experience does not bring you under your arm the gift of your existence, or that at the end of an experience causes you to disappear, or evapores.

T: - I understand. So in the deep sleep I exist, I am consciousness without objects, in theory ... because I do not know at that moment.

JM: - And how do you know that "you do not know"?

T: - I do not follow you.

JM: - See, if I ask you for example: Was Bob Dylan at your house yesterday?

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T: - I wish, but no, that was not the case.

JM: - And how do you know?

T: - Well, because I was at home all day and no trace of him.

JM: - If you were not at home you could not talk about Bob Dylan's "absence" experience. It is the same with deep sleep. To say that "there was nothing", to recognize that experience of absence, you must be somehow present.

T: - What you say of "something escapes along the way" is the knowledge that I am the basis of those experiences, and the witness. Consciousness.

JM: - That's right. The only way you can see the arrival, presence, or absence of a particular state of experience is because You-pure consciousness-is before, during, and after the presence of any state. If you completely absent yourself when the waking state ends, you could not be there to say that sleep or deep sleep came, or vice versa.

In the morning you know that you have slept soundly. It does not matter if there is someone or not to tell you later because, whatever you say, you get out of bed and you know, without a doubt, that despite that "absence", you have been there.

T: - This intuition I have, let's say ... change of perspective, is accompanied by a sense of ... greatness, amplitude, peace. JM: - It is our true essence, the pure consciousness, the That of the Upanishads ... The Lord. What does not admit plural. What does not change, always being the same "I am" in all circumstances, and that is the background of everything. This firm knowledge neutralizes ignorance about who you are. You are already that source of light that enlightens everything, that is out of time and space and realize ... never, never goes out.

With tranquility, please him to that "knowing that you always are". It's you. Not a little "you", not a part of you, is not something that you become. You are completely unlimited Consciousness, eternal and completely ordinary. Already. Right now. You can not be anything different. All things are thanks to you already are. All places are always your home.