St. Valentine's Day - St. Valentine's Day



What is the history of St Valentine?

There are various legends about the history of St Valentine; the only thing that can be said for sure is that there are lots of mystery and its exact story is not very clear.

One of the most well-known legends dates back to Rome in the 3rd century. In this period, soldiers were not allowed to get married because it was believed that single men were better soldiers in battle than those who were married, because they were emotionally attached to their families. Faced with this situation, the figure of the Christian priest Valentine appeared, who considered the obligation on soliders not to marry to be injust. I have decided to unite partners in matrimony with the Christian blessing. Through his actions, I have emerged as the protector of those in love, because he carried out secret marriages all over Rome, until he was summoned by the Emperor Claudius II.

Asterius, a deputy of Rome, was responsible for the condemned Valentine. He made fun of Christianity and put Valentine to the test, asking him to return the sight of his daughter who was born blind. The priest accepted and performed the miracle. Asterius and his family became Christian, but they could not save Valentine from death, and it was executed on 14th February. Two centuries afterwards, the Catholic church revived the story and shortly afterwards, Valentine was canonized.

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What is the story of St. Valentine?

There are several legends as to the history of St. Valentine; the only certain thing is that there is much mystery and thus its exact history is not very clear.

Asterius, a lieutenant of Rome, was in charge of Valentin's condemnation. He mocked the Christian religion and tested Valentin, wondering if he would be able to return his sight to one of his blind daughters by birth. The priest accepted and gave himself the miracle. Asterius and his family became Christians, but they could not save Valentín from his martyrdom, being executed this one 14 of February. Two centuries later the same Catholic church revived history, and a little later Valentin was canonized.