The 10 most amazing souvenirs made in crochet - IMujer

The crochet is one of the best inventions of all time. With so little and very simple can create incredible things. From a simple home ornament to the most spectacular crochet sculptures.

You just need yarn, needles and a little patience; with those 3 ingredients, the rest is on account of your imagination. In this case, I bring you the most amazing crochet souvenirs you should know.

# 10 Christmas mittens

This cute craft is ideal for Christmas parties. A delicate and original souvenir for all your family and friends.

# 9 Crochet dolls

More reasons to decorate at Christmas. In this case, with the typical characters of those days. With these souvenirs you will surprise everyone at the holidays!

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# 8 Souvenir flower

Look at these delicate flowers in crochet. A beautiful and original way of entertaining your guests with this souvenir.

Coreopsis leavenworthii (Leavenworth's Tickseed) Wildflower Seed
Saving Leavenworth's Tickseed Seeds: Several weeks after the flowers have faded, the seed heads will turn dry and dark brown. For spring planting, mix the seed with moist sand and store it in the refrigerator for 30 days before direct sowing.

This crochet bag is one perfect craftsmanship for farewell parties or return trips. If you are thinking of organizing a baby shower, do not forget a very important part: the souvenir.

# 6 For the arrival of the baby

This motif made with a crochet dress will look lovely for that occasion.

# 5 Mini Turtles

With a little wool and some imagination, crochet allows you to do almost anything. If you do not believe me, look at these divine turtles. For a more practical use, you can turn them into an original keychain.

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# 4 Pajarito messenger

A perfect idea to celebrate Halloween and give away this little witch as a souvenir. It's divine!

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# 2 Wrapped dolls

A souvenir in crochet special for the coldest time of the year. These crochet dolls are divine and super cute.

# 1 Colorful sheep

Is not this the funniest sheep you've ever seen? This crochet sheep souvenir is a nice souvenir to deliver at a party and can be used as decoration anywhere in the house.