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We are closing the year, Christmas is approaching, and this week is celebrated in the United States on Thanksgiving Day, which takes place on the last Thursday of November. This date so marked in the Anglo-Saxon calendar tells us that Black Friday is approaching, the day after Thanksgiving (last Friday in November) in which gives I started the holiday shopping season in the United States, marked by interesting discounts and promotions that will continue until the following Monday, known as Cyber ​​Monday or day of discounts in online stores, which will give end to a shopping weekend that is leading many to advance the acquisition of their Christmas gifts.

Origin of this initiative

This is a curious marketing tradition that originated in Philadelphia in the 1960s . There, the police department popularized the expression "black Friday" to refer to the day after Thanksgiving . The reason is that for them it was an odious day because the streets were crowded with people and vehicles that came to the city to see the next day, on Saturday, one of the great sporting events of the year in the United States, the Army-Navy Game, which faces the academies of the Naval and Naval Academy (a classic like our Madrid-Barsa).

In contrast, day of extraordinary sales and began to compete with attractive offers. Even so, they soon found the negative meaning of the term, since that Friday, which generated an overwhelming workload, became the day more stressful year. In 1975, the custom spread throughout the United States.

Most Americans have holidays this day and take advantage of it for their Christmas shopping, resulting in large store sales volumes. Many stores and large supermarkets open their doors almost at night offering special offers, discounts and advertising gifts.

As we said before, some attribute the name to that in this day begins the time in which the shops manage to change the red numbers for blacks. Others, however, assert that the adjective "black" has its origin in November 19, 1975, when The New York Times first used the epithet referring to the bustle of traffic and the chaos that had occurred that year in the city due to the discounts of the day after "Thanksgiving".

Whatever its origin, there is no doubt that Black Friday has been gaining adherents around the world, becoming one

Tips for making good use of offers and discounts

time that stopped being an American custom and has arrived to Spain to stay, being more and more the businesses that second to this celebration in which they apply important discounts on different products.

This year, some brands have advanced and extended the days of offers throughout the week instead of sticking to just 24 hours. According to the Spanish Association of the Digital Economy (Adigital) , Black Friday will generate sales of 1,267 million euros in Spain.

And to take advantage this week of offers and discounts, nothing better than to take into account a series of tips and recommendations to buy head and not simply be led by consumerism. Let's see what they are.

1) Create a list and invest in the long term

It is important to go out shopping, not simply to wear the latest trend clothes, but it is a good time to get basic clothing (t-shirts or jackets, jeans, clothing interior ...), or those that may be part of our wardrobe for more than one season (a good bag or good leather shoes, a coat or a coat of a color neutral that we can combine with different looks ...).

2) Set a budget and prioritize

Once we have the list we have to whether for pledge or the total available to spend on these purchases.

The most likely thing is that the budget does not allow you to buy everything you want, so it is fundamental that you prioritize what is most needed and that is not so much, so you buy the first and discard what is not so much.

3) Visit the webs and online stores

If we want to avoid crowds this Friday, we can choose to access from the comfort and tranquility of our home to a large number of signatures offering online shopping , where we will find discounts and promotions for Black Friday .

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Another option is visit the virtual stores as a showcase to know what clothes and at what price we can find them in the physical stores, then going to fixed shot and without wasting time.

4) Buy safe and secure sites

Do not just look at the product, but also where we buy it. b>, making sure we are in a safe place. Do not enter your credit card information in unknown or suspicious sites, to prevent it from being passed on to cybercriminals.

See the return policy

Finally, once we have decided what to buy, it is good to make sure what the return policy of the product (s) is. It is important to know how many days there are to return the same, and if we have the right to recover the money or a change for another product of equal value. Many times we do not consult this information, which can be a determining factor to pay for a product a few euros more but make sure we can return it or change it in case we do not like it.