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Have you ever wondered why I always give you sunflowers? Why were not they roses or margaritas? Roses are all too common, as far as giving flowers is concerned. The daisies are deshojan to know if a person loves you or not, an action that values ​​very little the beauty of this flower. However the sunflowers have a metaphorical meaning beyond their resplendent beauty. He gave you sunflowers because he wanted you to wake up with a little sun on your desk, he wanted your petals to give you the warmth that the sun gives with his rays, he tried to remind you that nature can infect you of a different joy, that joy that only give you the small things of life, its round and wide shape represents the beacon that lifts the path of our love, always on taking care of each of our steps. Maybe that meaning is more mine than what this beautiful flower really represents, but as you know, my way of being is like that, normally to everything that concerns you, tried to give it a more valuable meaning, where you know that it is not only a I love you, behind this come all the smiles that you steal me, the caresses, my heart begging me to do something, so that you find out that you are immensely in love. In this case it is a flower, with a meaning that perhaps you never knew, but that now it tried that you notice it. For many it is only a sunflower, for me it is a different way of representing our love.

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In order to understand the magnitude of this data, let us say that the average agricultural tariff in the world is 60%. During these years of the treaty, two million peasants have abandoned their crops and emigrated to the United States.

Something more than a sunflower / Jocef Carrillo