Top 5 Save Room Themes [Archive] -



Hey everyone. With the release of Resident Evil 4 and RE: Code Veronica X being released to the arcade soon, I figured why not get into the save room themes. These themes are often calming during intense moments, giving you some time to breathe. Crap, there's alot of zombies out there ...

This is my top 5 save room themes from the Resident Evil franchise.

5 . Result [Resident Evil 5]
Resident Evil 5, despite it not being one of my favorite games, I enjoyed the save theme. After intense skirmishes with Majini or Uroboros, an epic chase through the wilderness followed by a battle with the Giant impersonator, this song was soothing and calming.

4. Free From Fear [Resident Evil 3] - Anyone else when Nemesis chased after you. Hearing this song was your escape from that nightmare ... this is, until you have ventured into the treacherous streets of Raccoon again with him stalking you.

The message was not for everyone, it was just for us that we emphasized almost as underlined by a neon color. Better: because they are recreating a factory, everyday life that mixes with the cottons in my mouth.

3. Save Theme [Resident Evil Dead Aim]
Yeah yeah, I know. This game was not that good. But the theme is relaxing and quite ambient. It captures the mood of the ship, dark and creepy, but somehow, relaxing.

2. Safe Haven [Resident Evil]
"There's a lantern lying on top of the supplies. The warm light makes you relax." Enough said.

1. A Moment of Relief [Resident Evil Code Veronica]
This is, I believe, the most relaxing save room theme there is. CVX had me creeped out, with those Bandersnatches and that psycho Alfred running about.

Anyways, that's my top 5. What are yours?