This is a mountainous area, located in the region of Noguera about 60 kilometers north of the city of LLeida, comprises the towns of Artesa de Segre, Baldomá, Santa Maria de Meá, Fontllonga, and Alòs de Balaguer, these are the main towns where you can access. It consists of a small mountainous massif that connects with the Sierra del Montsech, the southernmost mountains of the Catalan Pre-Pyrenees. With a maximum height of 1,377 meters altitude, it is composed of a diverse landscape, with abundant Mediterranean forest, alternated with crops with two small rivers, with rocky cliffs, small ravines, and various rock formations. There are several routes and roads that surround or cross the massif, joining other municipalities or leading to the top, also lead to small places, villages and crops. It is a very quiet place, and there are a variety of songbirds and forest , as well as a good colony of griffon vultures. It is also one of the last redoubts to be able to contemplate the agile flight of the Bonelli's eagle, these years its population has been very reduced in the province of Lleida.Rasca rural in ruins like this, avundan in this place. Here, in addition, many other raptors are observed, on the cliffs and ravines the Alimoche breeds, the peregrine falcon is relatively common, groups of black kites are observed, the royal kite is planted by the robledales, the royal eagle patrols the highest zones and the The eagle is nestled within the forests, the mousetrap is abundant, and it hunts in farmland and along the edges of the forest, guarding solitary trees or "watchtowers" of dry trees, which border on the forest; copartidas also by the kestrels and diverse species of corvidos.Rapaces forest like the hawk the hawk and the alcotán are currents in this zone.

This mirlona warbler was another species that I managed to photograph in the itinerary, on an oak with the foliage somewhat advanced in relation to the date in which we were.

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the mirlona, ​​the carrasqueña and the tomillera.Por between the walls of rock can be seen the incessant flight of the real swift, and by the groves the coming and going of blackbirds and thrushes.