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No, it's not you, this allergy season is the worst! Dr. Duane Wong of Arizona Allergy Associates in Phoenix blames the high temperatures ahead of time that are causing the plants to flourish as never before and provoke the worst allergies of the season.

Do you think you have tried everything ? Dr. Wong told us five things you should know to help you survive this bad season of allergies.

1. Keep your windows closed until cool outside

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Which means it's best if you stay inside.

The level of pollen in the air is at its maximum at night. It does not go down until around 10am, so it is preferable to do your exercises and other activities outside during the day and not so much during the night.

Try HEPA Filters

It is basically an air filter for the connecting room.

3. Do not put clothes to dry out

Clothes should be dried in the dryer during the spring. Many of us try to save energy and we hang clothes outside to dry, which makes a lot of sense here in Arizona, but not during the allergy season.

It's no use having an allergy-proof garden

Pollen particles are microscopic and can fly up to 400 miles on a windy day. So pruning the neighbor's olive tree in the spring may not make much of a difference.

5. Allergy medicines do not work for them all

Intranasal spurs work best. You may have to use several to find which works best for you.

Dr. Wong says injections are favorable for 80 percent of his patients. He mentions that patients who get vaccinated have fewer infections of sinusitis, pneumonia and bronchitis.

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