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Imagen titulada Wrap Flowers Step 3

Imagen titulada Wrap Flowers Step 3

There is really little left for Mother's Day and we want to offer you some crafts to give to your mother that we think you may like, although remember that you have to adjust to your tastes and hobbies. Think about the type of gift that you will like and get down to work.

Flower crafts to give away

If your mother likes flowers instead to give him a bouquet or a plant, think of making him a flower craft that will last a lifetime, as these two that we show below.

This is an ideal handmade gift to give to your mother, grandmother, girlfriend, friend or even teacher. It is a bouquet of flowers made with circles and felt petals embroidered and glued to a wooden stick. It is really beautiful and can work well if you give it as a bouquet.

Here is a step by step tutorial for a phenomenal handmade gift: this is a vase of flowers made with glass bottles of soft drinks or beers, also called helmets, and a few colored threads (the embroideries can be used). It is an ideal handmade gift for mothers, friends and sisters. Sure you like to decorate a corner of your life with these vases Add paper or paper flowers to make it last longer. Remember to adapt it to your style, yes: more sober or more colorful, depending on how they are.

Gift craft, sewing sets

If your mother likes sewing as a hobby, look at these two felt crafts that will serve you a lot.

Here you have a step-by-step tutorial to learn how to make a felt basket and we think a good craftsmanship to give to mothers , girlfriends, friends or sisters who like to sew, because it is ideal to thread threads. If you do not like it, you can put tissues, cosmetics, soaps, candy . it depends on your taste.

If your mother likes to wear beads, be it bracelets, earrings or necklaces, be attentive and attentive to these tutorials, because they are great crafts.


Here you have a tutorial to make a bracelet made with laces or mouse tail thread, a very beautiful and original craftsmanship to give to a mother, friend, girlfriend or friend for any occasion, but for Mother's Day would be great. They will appreciate your effort when you say that you have made this bracelet yourselves. Follow the step by step in detail and you will see how well the bracelet remains.


If your mother is more than wearing necklaces, watch this video step by step to learn

Imagen titulada Wrap Flowers Step 4

To make them, you will need these materials:

And then it depends on what you want, you will need a printer and paper, a few charms , lace, ties ... choose what you most think your mother will like.


Si you think you will like more earrings, look at these earrings with DIY fringes. To do them, you first have to go to a bead shop or a counting shop and buy a pair of hooks or bases for earrings and this toothed piece to fasten or glue the fringes we see in the image.

The fringes you can also make them yourself by cutting them from a coil of thick thread, the type of curtain tassels or by buying them already made. Then, with a match or a lighter, burn the tips a little so that they do not fray, at the same time you can leave them paraded, with several lengths, and maybe even with a tone of degraded by the action of fire.

Other crafts to give to a mother

Now we are going to see a varied series of crafts to give to a mother that are nice and easy to do.


How beautiful these colorful colored cushions are! First of all it must be said that there are special watercolors to paint in cloth so that it does not go with the washes. It is a precious handmade gift to give your mother, a friend or your sister.


But what a good idea to use the ring that is usually around the plugs of bottles as a frame to create a mini embroidery! As you can see, here they use a piece of cardboard to put under the embroidery fabric and then decorate the edges with felt.

When you finish the embroidery, you can turn it into a brooch, a pendant, a keyring or a detail to hang and decorate. What a monster! It is an ideal handmade craft to give to a mother, sister or friend who knows how to appreciate the task, be it embroidery, midpoint or cross stitch.

So far our summary with 10 crafts for giveaways on Mother's Day, as you have seen, we have also included step-by-step tutorials and videos to learn how to do them and to help you. Thanks for reading.

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