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If you are one of those who just rise up stand in front of the mirror and point with their accusing finger at their own image while they fill their mouths with a great BORN TO LOSE, you deserve all my sympathies. Or as Father Brown would say: I have a weakness for people who are crazy and unsuccessful, according to their own confession.

And Jack Nance was. Well, yes. How you would then catalog someone who asks Denis Hopper for help to quit drinking. Someone whose last words were to cut your hair and look for a job! In Chris Leavens' documentary, I don't know Jack, friends and family of the golden lynchito parade. Those who came across him can only tell anecdotes. They are experiences like wings, that take them from their own worlds and it seems that next to them they have discovered the secret of the Universe. But knowing it, no. Try it and you'll end up chewing a mixture of banjo and whiskey chips.

After a few years linked to the world of theater, opted for the lead role of The Graduate, but was replaced at the last moment by Dustin Hoffman. Destiny had prepared for him much less glorious letters. In fact, several times he was forced to combine his work as an actor with part-time dependent. It was in the exclusive Gumps store in San Francisco where he practiced one of his cynical rituals which involved wrapping those expensive gifts with papers from the Black Panthers' newspaper. This friend of chaos who defined himself as a Republican to the marrow (in the 1970s, one of his colleagues points out) had to enjoy himself by imagining the forty-somethings unwrapping his bohemian swans without being able to take his eyes off the paper. gift that shows the black crowd congregated in the African Liberation Day.

In the following decade, his liver was becoming more like a duck mousse. And at any family celebration, Jack's brother was warned to keep him away from the children. "It began to obsess with the onslaught of demons," says Denis Hopper, who coincided with him in the filming of Blue Velvet. Hopper even threatened to jump out of a window if it did not help him, and yet he kept walking through every saloon and every roadhouse with the seed of self-destruction always latent. To understand us, if the children put those ridiculous dream catchers with Indian motifs on the side of the bed, Nance would have had to wall his walls with a huge fucking trap to catch his delirious nightmares of drunken half-schizo.

Keep your nails nice - Yuya
Do not bite them: is a bad habit and they are very short, so much so that sometimes you can not even decorate them anymore. What do you do to keep your nails nice? Give me your secrets, handsome.

After his recurring appearances in 80's films, he decided to take a break and found a job as a security guard that left him less time to enjoy his true vocation as a human sponge. These things were the ones that baffled his friends but Nance confessed to being tired of getting up in the middle of the night, raining, not knowing where the fuck he was.

The girls did not get along either. His wife and hairdresser at the same time in Head Eraser, or better known in the role of the mysterious Lady Leño in Twin Peaks, left because of his alcoholism. But in the early nineties he met Kelly, a young woman who was even more fucked up than he was, which gave Nance a chance to rescue someone from the abyss.

At that time I was rolling The meatballs IV (do not miss it) and the director of such a great work tells the story of how that strange couple ended. It is one of the most beautiful stories of Hamor:

Jack came to my bungalow to tell me that his wife had committed suicide. I thought it was a joke and I said, Hey, being married to you, who can blame her? Then a tear leapt out and I knew he was serious. They were talking on the phone, apparently he had left her because she had gone back to doing porn movies and pursued drugs. She said: Jack, if you hang me, I'll kill myself. As there was a storm, after saying this the telephone line fell. So we went to the nearest town to call from a phone that worked, but no one answered. We explained the situation to a policeman and he called the Los Angeles rescue service. You could not imagine how guilty he felt and I told him Jack, you're not responsible for what she does. Until the news came that they had been found dead. But Nance had already committed to Bob Logan and his porky-dashing stripper about youngsters crowded into bungalows with exhalant testosterone cocks. It was necessary to continue with the film and, ironies of the life, in the following scene the personage of Nance had to apologize with its granddaughter of name Kelly for having annoyed everything. So here we have Jack offering his heart just ripped from the chest and babbling Kelly, sweetheart, forgive me! a day after the suicide of his girlfriend Kelly Van Dycke. And the world is a very strange place ...

The psychodrama was evident. In 1996, when leaving the shop Winchells Donuts drunk as a vat urged some kids to cut their hair and get a job. The phrase neocon did not like the rabid crowd and decided that this was going to be his last donnette beating him. Because of bruises, I would die a few hours later.