Low Back Pain Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

The lower back is an intricate structure, interconnected and superimposed elements:

Tendons, muscles and other soft parts Nerve roots and highly sensitive nerves running from the lower back to the legs and feet Small complex joints Intervertebral discs with their gelatinous nuclei

An irritation or a problem in any of these structures can cause low back pain or a pain that radiates to other parts of the body or feels in them. The pain caused by the resulting lumbar muscle spasms can be severe and there are several syndromes that produce pain that can become chronic.

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Although low back pain is extremely common, its symptoms and severity can vary greatly. For example, a simple lumbar muscle strain may be so intense that it requires a visit to the emergency room, whereas a disc degeneration may not cause more than mild intermittent discomfort.

The first step in relieving pain effectively is to identify the symptoms and correctly diagnose the underlying cause.

Causes of low back pain according to age

In most cases, low back pain does not require urgent attention, but patients should consult a doctor immediately if they experience low back pain that is caused by severe trauma or accompanied by any of the following symptoms: Fever and chills

Recent and unexplained weight loss or recent weight loss due to trauma Significant leg weakness li> Sudden bowel or bladder incontinence - either difficulty urinating or defecating or loss of control of urination or defecation (ponytail syndrome) Strong and continuous abdominal pains (aneurysm of the abdominal aorta ​​li>

In cases where immediate treatment is required, doctors will investigate the possibility of a serious cause of pain, such as infection, tumor or fracture.