Keep your nails nice - Yuya

Edible parts of the daylily

Edible parts of the daylily

Having nice nails is not the most complicated thing in life, handsome!

Our nails are an essential part of our body, it is very important to pay attention to them because they are like our letter of introduction.

I made a list of recommendations to keep them always!

♥ Limarlas: instead of cutting them with clippers or scissors,

♥ Treatments: as the varnishes with garlic, which although smelled half done serve to strengthen them, Take them dry: most of the time, because they get soft and can break, and are less exposed to fungi.

♥ Acetone remover: since this chemical weakens them and can be flaked;

Keep your nails nice - Yuya

♥ Keep them clean: They look terrible, you do not have to spend a lot of money haha.

♥ Avoid acrylic!: I was reading a little about the procedure to which we submit our nails when we put acrylic, and really are left super unprotected after removal. Do not bite them: is a bad habit and they are very short, so much so that sometimes you can not even decorate them anymore. Do not do it, handsome!

♥ Hydrate them : I suffer from hyper, hyper dry hands and for that reason the nails look like half weird, hydrates your hands and passadita your cuticle.

♥ Eat gomitas: or do not overdo it because they have a lot of sugar, but suddenly you can eat a few or a glass of gelatin, as these foods have collagen and help the growth of our nails.

What do you do to keep your nails nice? Give me your secrets, handsome.

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Plants can be grown from stem cuttings or from root division. are edible throughout the year, and can be put into salads. Cultivation and Uses It develops outdoors during summers with shorter nights , with more light bring more flowers.