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Treat yourself this summer: A Day at the Homemade Spa

The Cancer season is in full swing. You heard me talking about the astrological aspects. Others of you have been reading my Kiki. Gazette edition. . There is a lot going on and pampering yourself with a little homemade spa Seems just to be perfect

Treat Yourself This Summer: A Day at the homemade Spa

Starting today I will present a series of special recipes. All are very easy and prepared with natural ingredients. As I only recommend products, recipes and tips Which Already I have tried on myself and / or on my, Äúclosest circle of trust,Äù I am very proud to include a couple of recipes to the section These of, Äúspiritual and staff Feng Shui, UA.

Actually my Team and I Decided That the Reloaded, Äúspiritual and staff Feng Shui, Äúsection will form part of www.fengshuialacreme.com. But since we are working on a complete makeover of the Feng Shui A la Creme website, we will for now post the first recipes here.

The Concept

Whether you are treating yourself, celebrating with your friends / colleagues or simply unwinding with your Love, the Spa is a perfect deal to relax, rejuvenate and hit the button #reset.

The homemade Spa Seems to be a very practical offer for all of you have a very tight schedule. Rushing from home to kindergarten to the office there is literally no time left to get physically to the Spa.

But, with This very easy to preparing recipes you can enjoy a Spa session Whenever it suits you best. < / p>

Day 1: Cucumber Basil Exfoliation

An exfoliation is always a good thing to start with. Some time ago I actually presented a Coffee Face Mask (a facial exfoliation option). A very successful recipe which I will repeat for everybody.

Wash and slice the cucumber and the basil leaves. Both are really juicy I recommend to pat them with a paper towel. Now put these two ingredients into the blender. Pour in the sugar and add the coconut oil.

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At least you should blend the mixture until the cucumber slices have the optimal texture. I recommend to double-check the consistency every minute.

Finally pour the mixture into the jar and seal it. The good thing is that you can prepare different mixture at the same time and keep them in the refrigerator up to 2 weeks.

Just a quick observation: Do not worry when you feel that the scrub warms up as soon as you start to use it. This is normal.

By Kikis de la Creme, June 27, 2017

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