15 Animal Tattoos Ideas And Their Powerful Meaning

Animals, whatever their species, are beings who give great lessons in life. Have you ever stopped to observe the great team that the ants do? Or the courage of a lion in defending his herd? And the great love and kindness of the dogs towards their masters?

Millions of people know that animals are unique beings and that is why we respect and love them. If you are a girl who is passionate about animals, perhaps you should consider paying tribute to her by performing a tattoo, and you will be surprised to know the meaning of each one.

1. Elephant

Elephants are large and strong animals, and are associated with power and strength. But at the same time with tranquility and peace, because despite their large size, they are not aggressive animals.

Elephants also relate to the family, as they always walk in a herd. They are loyal and protective. This tattoo has a different meaning in each culture, but it all comes down to family, success, good luck and strength.

2. Lion

Lions are considered a sacred animal and are often related to courage, strength, courage and leadership. No other animal has inspired fear, respect and reverence at the same time as the Lion.

If you are a girl with noble character but a powerful personality, this tattoo is the right one for you. > 3. Giraffe

Giraffes are one of the rarest species in the animal world; They are elegant, but at the same time awkward. They are imposing for their size, but also adorable. They are intuitive thanks to their great neck and perfect vision. They are able to see the danger before other species.

If you are a girl with an incredible intuition and you like to be unique, a giraffe is the perfect tattoo. Swallow

The swallows travel and then return to their nest. They are faithful animals, when they find their perfect mate, they never separate from her in life. So the swallow is perfect for tattooing if you have found your true love, or if you are a girl faithful and loyal to your nest, your family.

5. Cat

Cats are mysterious animals, witty, with a great personality and very little predictable. They say that when a cat appears in our life unexpectedly, it is to give us a message of change.

People usually tattoo a cat because of its great characteristics, and some others do so only as tribute to their pets, whatever your reason, this tattoo is amazing.

6. Owl

Owls are animals associated with the magical, the mysterious, the fantastic and the mystical. It is one of the most enigmatic birds that exist.

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Owls are related to education and wisdom, so that is a good reason to tattoo one; as well as the tattoos of this animal are beautiful and always attract attention.

7. Dog

No one is a secret that the dog is man's best friend. They are faithful animals, loyal, loving, kind, joyful and noble. In addition the Egyptians considered the dog as a guide when the human soul passes to the beyond.

If you have or have had a dog, surely you know what we refer and the best way to pay homage to you pet is to wear it on your skin forever.

8. Fox

The fox is a clever and intelligent animal; is a night traveler, so it is considered as a symbol of magic and luck. They have learned to survive thanks to their ingenuity, wisdom and ability, as is the case with humans.

The fox is an animal that invites us to think further and analyze different perspectives. If you are such a girl, then tattooing it is the best decision you can make.

9. Turtle

If you are a person who likes to fight for your dreams step by step, persevere to achieve what you want, then you can consider tattooing a turtle.

10. Fish

The fish is found inside the water, an element that by many is considered as a representation of our subconscious and our emotions. Therefore, those animals that live within the water are appreciated as the expressions of our mental state.

In some cultures, fish is seen as a symbol of creation, transformation, fertility and abundance .


Rabbits have multiple symbolisms. They mainly refer to abundance, fertility and desire.

In addition, rabbits are associated with spring, so having a tattoo of this animal is a celebration to life.

h2> 12. Deer

The deer is an animal that has fallen in love with mankind because of its great beauty, the grace of its movements, its power and speed.

animal are considered as a symbol of good luck, virtue and passion. In addition, it also symbolizes light, purity, renewal, creation and spirituality.

13. Wolf

The wolf is an animal that attracts for its beauty, strength and lifestyle, so it is one of the animals that most people tattoo.

A tattoo of wolf has different symbolisms according to the culture, but they are attributed great powers and they consist of protection. In addition, the wolf is considered as a spirit guide.

14. Bear

Bears are very special animals that symbolize various things depending on the culture, but especially the bear species. In general these animals are related to nature. Also with protection and the way mothers care for their offspring. If you are a girl with children, perhaps the tattoo that suits you, is that of a bear.

15. Hummingbird

A tattoo of a hummingbird is related to the ability to change, to be flexible and to be able to go through life in different directions.