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Angophora is a genus of 10 species of large trees or shrubs of the (Myrtaceae) family, native to eastern Australia. It is closely related to the Corymbia and Eucalyptus genera, all of which are commonly referred to as "eucalyptus". Description

One of its distinguishing characteristics of the Angophora is that they have opposite as well as alternate leaves, and in the fruits they lack a closure layer called Operculum. Angophora also has a fruit with pronounced ribs, whereas the fruit of Eucalyptus is usually softer in appearance.

Species of this genus vary their appearance from shrub forms, such as dwarf apple (Angiophora hispida), to large trees reaching heights of 30 m. The bark is rough and scaly. The leaves are lanceolate of a dark green color. The flowers are creamy white and grow in large inflorescences.

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The word Angophora comes from the Greek word angos , or "carrier", and phora , which means "cup" or "vase": this refers to the cup shape of the fruits of the members of this genus.

the best-known species of Angophoras are: