Peruvian gastronomy

◘ Rice: It is the second most consumed cereal in the world, production is geographically concentrated and more than 85% comes from Asia. Sugar cane: It is a cespitosa plant with stems up to 5 meters high, has glabrous pods or hairs, with a 2-4 mm ligule and 1 to 2 meter laminae . Sugar cane has been highly prized for centuries, as it is the main source of sugar in many cultures.

◘ Cotton: Cotton is a crop that has grown on a large scale and of it obtains the fiber destined for the textile industry and some oils extracted from its seeds.

The cotton plant has a very low birth rate so it needs a lot of care for its development.

The European Union states pioneers in the cultivation of cotton are in the order of Spain, Greece and Italy.

◘ Sweetpotato: Domesticated thousands of years ago in this part of the continent, being important food for the coastal settlers; later extending to the warm inter-Andean valleys in the Amazon jungle. It is a reservoir root with high concentration of sugars, carotene and pro vitamin A.

◘ Grapes: It is an edible berry that grows in clusters in small shrubs or vines, in temperate zones throughout the world including Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and South America. They contain small amounts of vitamin A and a variety of minerals.

In general, the grapes have smooth textures, peeled and juicy. They may have several seeds. The grapes are divided into color categories ranging from white to black, through to red or pink.

White grape varieties range from a pale yellow to green, and black grapes from light red to purple-black. They are also classified by the way they are used.

◘ Oranges: it is an edible citrus fruit. Originating in India, Vietnam, or Southeast China, it is a fleshy hesperidium with a rough or hardened shell, and its pulp typically consists of eleven segments or skins filled with juice, which contains a lot of vitamin C, flavonoids and essential oils

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◘ Bananas: This tropical fruit has an excellent combination of energy, minerals and vitamins that make it an indispensable food in any diet, including diabetes and slimming. >

Bananas are not only one of the most consumed fruits in the world, but also one of the healthiest. Its flavor is sweet and delicious, it is a fruit that is characterized by endowing with flavor to infinity of dishes.

◘ Tangerine: It is the citrus more like orange, although of smaller size, more aromatic flavor and easier to remove your skin in most varieties, as well as slightly lower acidity and a higher proportion of simple sugars. These properties make it considered a natural treat of easy consumption for young and old.

◘ passion fruit: An ovoid, fleshy, edible fruit with yellow or violet and orange skin. Its texture is smooth and shiny during ripening and wrinkled when ready to eat. Its pulp has a thin first layer stuck to the crimson skin, followed by a thin layer of white that protects the seeds, which are blackish greyish and are wrapped in a kind of orange or yellow-green jelly, very juicy , sweet and sour.

◘ Lemon: The lemon occupies a first place among the curative, preventive and vitamin-bearing fruits, transforming it into a great eliminator of toxins and a powerful bactericide.

◘ The melon: The melon was already cultivated in Ancient Egypt during the third millennium BC. C., and its cultivation extends by the majority of the continents.

It is large, round or ellipsoidal, with yellow or green bark, with hollow inner part with many seeds of yellow bark and juicy, sugary and aromatic pulp.

: The fruit of the papaya, has different uses, as fresh fruit, juice, milkshakes, ice cream, as part of the salads, various homemade sweets or packaged by the industry, both semi-green and mature. Some countries in Asia, Africa and Oceania are earmarked for latex. From this milky liquid that is abundant in the green fruits, the papain is extracted. Papain is widely used as a meat tenderizer and also in the clarification of beers and other beverages. It is very useful to soften the wool, as well as in the tanning of the skins. It has great application in the manufacture of rubber and also in the preparation of medicinal products and home remedies, etc.