Types of chickens



What are hens?

The hen is a vertebrate animal of the family of birds. It is characterized by laying eggs and having feathers but not being able to fly.

(Hens are classified according to their uses)


Eggs , which are the result of their unfertilized eggs, can be made with omelettes, fried eggs, omelets, tortillas, etc. This food is highly recommended for athletes as they have a lot of proteins.

Also, eggs are used scientifically or for research by albumin < / strong> which contains a molecule that, used correctly, serves as a replacement for a product used in chemotherapy for cancer patients with very harmful consequences for health.

They are known a lot of races that can be classified according to the utility they present each:

Lay hens: are known by their great putting skills, they are light and very active . They do not have a large size, on the contrary, they are usually small or medium. They are very fertile, because of the great development of their reproductive system and they also have very little muscle mass.

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They are very rustic and do not require much care. They prefer warm and temperate climates. For the production and sale of eggs, a thorough sanitary control and adequate food are required, even if they are for domestic use, this is not necessary.

Meat hens: They are rather heavy birds with great muscular development, especially in the area of ​​thighs and breast, which are used for marketing their meat. They require the same care and demands as laying birds, but their food changes considerably as a result of which they get a much larger product and a large amount of muscle mass.

They are usually prone to the diseases so much more is controlled the state of the shed where they are. Nowadays you can find the so called automated sheds that have specific technological equipment that controls the temperature, the humidity, the doses of food and water, etc. to make the work more precise and require less effort. The most used breeds are: Hubbard, Arbor Acres, Orpington, Brahmas, Cochinchinas, etc.

they are raised as egg producers and also to be used for their meat. Their egg production is smaller than those specialized only in this and their growth is slower than the breeds used for meat. However, they are less prone to diseases, calmer and stronger.

They are better adapted to different climate changes. They are used domestically or in artisanal breeding, without large markets or for own consumption. The most used breeds are : Plymouth Rock, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Sussex, etc.

Ornamental hens: These birds are bred only by its exotic and singular aspect. Its purpose is to adorn or expose. They are used in zoos, parks, tourist places or in ornamental houses. One of the main race used is the Silver Sebright.

They do not require a specific diet, but can eat organic waste as well as yard waste or insects that lie between the earth. They do not produce a lot of eggs or contain a lot of muscle so they are not recommended for meat consumption.

strong> result of crossing a rooster of pure race with hens Creoles . In this way you get a bird with a great resistance to climatic changes and diseases and, in turn, a great production of eggs and meat to market. This method must be done in a certain way to obtain better results, that is, at any given time it is recommended to change the rooster, hens, etc.

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