Manolita Flowers

Laurus nobilis , or lauro is an evergreen shrub or tree up to 15 m tall, belonging to the family of lauráceas , to which it gives name. It originates from the Mediterranean area and whose leaves are used as a seasoning in the kitchen. Other names with which it is known are: common laurel, of the palo, laurel American paleo or laurel of the kitchen, the rustic . The common laurel is an evergreen dioecious tree 5-10 m high, straight trunk with gray bark and dense, dark crown. Rising erect. Leaves simple, alternate, lanceolate or oblong-lanceolate, of somewhat coriaceous consistency, aromatic, with the edge sometimes somewhat wavy. Acute apex and base attenuated. They measure about 3-9 cm in length and have short petioles. The beam is dark green glossy, while the underside is paler. Flowers arranged in sessile umbels of 4-6 flowers. The unisexuality of flowers is due to a phenomenon of abortion, and proof of this is the presence of 2-4 staminodes in female flowers. The flowers appear in March-April, and are yellowish, without interest. The fruit

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Development Trivia Despite being less efficient than using wooden planks, these blocks are often used to make poles. For the most efficient building block produced from these, see Wood Tables Wood is very common.