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It is also shameful to give in to a rich and powerful man, whether he succumbs to fear or weakness or to be dazzled by money or by the hope of getting jobs, because apart from the reasons of this kind can never engender a generous friendship, they also rely on unsubstantiated and unsubstantial foundations.

They listened attentively to their daughter and obeyed her; both of them were informed of what was decreed to happen to King Cronus and his intrepid son, and they sent her to Lyco, a rich people of Crete, when she was about to give birth to the youngest of her sons, the mighty Zeus For if in the hope of gain one abandons one to a lover who is believed to be rich and then recognizes himself to be poor and who can not keep the word he gave, shame is no less.

, because it has been shown that in the perspective of a profit can be done all over the world, which is far from being beautiful.

We, the people of Puerto Rico, in order to organize ourselves politically on a fully democratic basis, to promote the general welfare and to ensure for ourselves and our posterity the full enjoyment of human rights, placing our trust in God Almighty, we ordain and establish this Constitution for the Commonwealth that in the exercise of our natural right now we believe within our union with the United States of America.

It is the duty of citizens to contribute to the protection of water, atmosphere, soil conservation, flora, fauna and all the rich potential of nature.

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The 'Connective Tissue' is consolidated through the use of different materials, starting from the structure of the sleepers and highlighting the recycling of existing materials in the place.

If anyone rich and perfectly well said to me: I am rich and healthy and desire wealth and health; I desire, therefore, what I already have, we could answer: You have wealth, health and strength; if you want it is for the future because now, whether you want it or not, you have it.

Wisdom is one of the most beautiful things in the world; Now, love loves what is beautiful, then it must be agreed that Love is a lover of wisdom, that is, a philosopher, and as such occupies the place between the wise and the ignorant. This is due to his birth, because he is the son of a wise and rich father and a mother who is neither rich nor wise.

Oh, when she regained the nacreous tones of his cheeks, he brightness of your eyes, elasticity of your muscles; when she could run and sing without feeling the iron hand that drowned her! Oh, how beautiful it is to be able to breathe at the top of our lungs, to fill them with that rich, fragrant air!

In this way we declare: That the democratic system is fundamental to the life of the Puerto Rican community; That we understand by democratic system where the will of the people is the source of public power, where the political order is subordinated to the rights of man and where the free participation of the citizen in collective decisions is ensured; That we consider the citizenship of the United States of America to be determining factors in our life and the aspiration to continually enrich our democratic heritage in the individual and collective enjoyment of their rights and prerogatives; loyalty to the postulates of the Federal Constitution; the coexistence in Puerto Rico of the two great cultures of the American hemisphere ...

The king paid him without haggling on the price of a mule loaded with gold, and the younger brother returned to his country, much more rich still than the two majors.

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